5 Benefits of Audio Transcriptions
19 January 2016

5 Benefits of Audio Transcriptions

For some, the word “transcription” or “transcribe” still may only associate with a court reporter – a person who produces a written version of spoken words in court hearings. Nowadays, however, transcriptions are used more than just for courtrooms or interviews and are becoming very accessible assets in other fields. Here are some pointers for getting the full potential out of transcriptions.

1. Great Way to Distribute Information

While there is nothing wrong in distributing the information in the audio format, it has to be said that accessing such files is more complicated as one does not always have the technology or is in a situation to do so. Having audio transcriptions, on the other hand, allows to both, read them in .doc or PDF formats, as well as read them in a printed version.

2. Knowledge Transfer

Suppose you’re holding a meeting or a conference, but some of the people aren’t able to attend. That means that they will miss out on everything that is being discussed unless they manage to get hold of the notes. This is where audio transcriptions come in handy because then the only thing you have to do is to get a transcription of the recording and then just send it over to whoever missed your event.

3. More Viewers

As video blogging,  as well as advertising on such channels as YouTube are becoming more and more popular all over the world, it might be a good idea to add subtitles to one’s videos. Having subtitles allows viewers to double check what’s being said in the video in case they did not understand a certain word or simply misheard it. Also, the viewers can watch the videos on mute if they don’t have headphones. For these reasons having subtitles on your videos can significantly improve the traffic on your channel.

4. Notes vs. Full Text

There are situations when having the original text is much more important than having notes. Such situations can include, for example, official proceedings where the word-to-word text becomes a legal document. Moreover, it is becoming more popular to transcribe sermons and therapy sessions. In such cases the full text can definitely more useful than notes.

5. Easy to Handle

When writing a dissertation or doing a research, for example, it might get quite difficult to track the information down from an audio file. Transcriptions is not only a good way to store the data, it also allows to search the document for required keywords and copy+ paste the passages from the transcription straight to another document.