All I Want for Christmas Is… My Academic Transcript Done
13 December 2015

All I Want for Christmas Is… My Academic Transcript Done

It’s again that time of the year… X-mas is coming to town and people wish to finish all projects planned for the current year and start on a clean slate. How to manage? What if you are a student and your final thesis is completely stuck in transcribing the records of your academic research? No, you don’t even need Santa with that.

What Is an Academic Transcript?

That is a very important part of the final thesis at university or college. The final thesis is an academic study or research proposal that contains one’s original findings and theories. Students collect their data using peer-reviewed papers, academic literature, audio recordings, interviews, podcasts, lectures, seminars, etc. Once the research is done, these forms of supporting data need to be transcribed and assembled into a well-organized document.

Why Do Students Start Doing It on Their Own?

Typically, the reason is a tight budget and the common stereotype that transcription services are expensive. And of course, enthusiasm is the second (rather tricky) motive, which inspires students to believe that everything is possible and doable. But after spending 6-7 hours transcribing a 40-minute interview for instance, many of them realize it would have been easier, faster and actually cheaper to hire a professional transcriber from the beginning.

Why Is It Smarter to Forward Your Records to a Professional?

  • Transcribing is exhausting and time consuming. It takes approximately 10 hours for an amateur to transcribe 60 minutes of audio because they lack the practice, the typing speed and the necessary hardware and software. Professionals who transcribe every day are much more productive.
  • Spending time on transcribing means there would be less time for summarizing the data and writing the dissertation text itself. Additionally, it is more challenging to engage the creative process if one is tired from the boring transcription process.

Academic transcription services are cheap. A standard price for transcribing a one-to-one interview is only $0.8! The logic here should be: if you have a 60-minute record, you pay $48. Otherwise you spend 10 long and exhausting hours. We think those 10 hours spent with your family and friends in this festive season worth more than a couple of bucks.