Audio Transcription Boosts Web Accessibility
12 June 2015

Audio Transcription Boosts Web Accessibility

Offering an audio transcription option to your website content could potentially increase traffic on your site. Various groups, including the blind and hearing impaired, benefit from audio transcripts more often than most people think.

Hearing Impaired

Because they cannot hear, audio files are obviously not accessible to people with hearing impairment. However, having access to a text transcript of any audio files on your site will allow the hearing impaired to take advantage of the information contained within the audio file.

Vision Impaired

For the most part, blind and visually impaired people are able to access audio files online without a problem. With advancements in technology, screen readers and magnification systems have made internet browsing a fairly simple task for these people. And, although these applications are sometimes sufficient, there are times that having the text to go along with the audio is important. Many visually impaired users prefer to navigate through text than to listen to audio and take notes.

Additional Benefits

Besides accessibility for the disabled, there are other benefits to converting your audio files to online text transcripts. For instance:

  • People with slow internet connections can load text faster than an audio file

  • People accessing your site with a mobile device sometimes prefer to read than listen

  • If you site is having technical difficulties where audio content is concerned, the text transcript can be used as a backup

Not only do audio transcripts provide an option for users, they also create an accessible website for the disabled. Having an accessible website will also drive traffic if done properly.