Benefits of Reading a Text Instead of Listening to Its Audio Version
24 March 2020

Benefits of Reading a Text Instead of Listening to Its Audio Version

A lot of people would be very surprised to know that transcription is an integral part of many of our daily processes, playing an important role in the way we store and share information. It is widely used in various industries and professions. When you include transcription in recorded audio, it becomes easier to comprehend. Transcription is more searchable and easily indexed, making it readily available on the web. If you want to make your images, videos, and audio files searchable, you should include a transcript to make sure you reach a wider audience.

Benefits of Transcription over Audio and Video

There are many types of transcription, including legal, academic, market research, keynote speeches, business transcription, podcast, media, and video transcription. If you have a hearing impairment, reading a transcribed text will help you access information that you otherwise couldn't. The transcribed text opens up its accessibility to a whole new audience, making it quite beneficial, especially when delivering vital messages.

In legal transcription, court hearings, witness statements, video, and audio evidence are transcribed to make them more accessible to judges, lawyers, and jury for easier review. Transcribing these files ensures that there is no misinterpretation. The audience gets the same information both in audio and transcript. People working in the translation field benefit greatly from using a transcribed text. Translating audio or video directly to another language is quite challenging. Therefore, translators use the transcription of the original text to translate it into different languages.

When creating subtitles or closed captions, you will need a fully transcribed file from the video. Just like in translation, when making captions and subtitles, you need to read the transcribed text to ensure perfect accuracy. Reading transcribed interviews helps researchers to organize, process and categorize the data better as well as to find and organize illustrative examples. You are also able to read and scan the text faster, which especially comes in handy when you need to find a certain portion of a conversation or a speech.

Reading academic transcriptions is very beneficial to students. The video or audio version of the lecture may not be easy to comprehend, analyze, and understand. It is easier to navigate a transcription compared to audio or video. Many students prefer a written account of the lectures because certain subjects are better understood by reading. If a lecture is transcribed, it is easier for students to search for ideas, especially when revisiting.

Reading medical transcription is way easier for patients than listening to audio recordings. Medical terminology can be extremely difficult to understand, that’s why patients need documented procedures, notes, and prescriptions. When writing dissertations, you will need to conduct a lot of research from various sources, including videos and audios. Getting information from recorded materials can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. However, if you get these sources in a transcribed form, the work will be a lot easier and less frustrating.

Reading a transcript makes you understand the text and its context in a better way. You can go through the text many times, jump back and forward at will, highlighting what you feel is important. You also read at your own pace, which greatly helps understand and absorb the information shared in the document.


Reading a transcription while listening to audio or watching video will make you understand better what is being said, especially if the source material has speakers with accents, lots of background noise, and other problems. When you provide transcription for your podcasts, webinars, and videos, you're making your content available to a wider audience and the magic of SEO ensures they can find it. No matter what your transcription needs are, hiring a professional transcription service to do it for you saves your time, allowing you to focus on more important things.