Do Automated Transcribing Software Programs Work?
12 June 2015

Do Automated Transcribing Software Programs Work?

Due to the growing need of transcribing services, voice recognition software has grown in popularity. These programs are designed to recognize voices and convert audio files into textual transcripts. Although advances in software technologies have certainly improved these applications over time, they still have room to grow. Most businesses find that they do not produce accurate enough results and therefore require double the work.

Because accents and pronunciations vary greatly from person to person, computerized transcripts are usually full of errors. In addition, words that sound alike are often misused. There are some sophisticated applications that provide grammar-checking functions, however they are not fool-proof.

Although most businesses do not find transcribing software programs effective enough for accuracy purposes, there are some practical applications for such systems. Automated telephone systems are a great example of this. Because these systems are programmed only to recognize a few preset responses, errors are significantly decreased. Also, further methods are used to ensure great customer service; if for some reason, the system does not understand a response, callers are usually sent to a live person to talk to.

While voice recognition software seems to be a grand idea, a program is yet to be invented that can strongly compete with the inherent abilities of a human. Professional transcribers are aware of the context of the audio and are able to make judgment calls. Computer programs still lack the human touch. Perhaps someday in the future, a software application will be invented to compete more closely with professional transcribers, but for now, hiring a transcription services is the most effective and efficient way to get the job done right the first time.