Case Study

How GoTranscript’s High Accuracy and Fast Turnaround Times Helped Cerner Create Value Stories for Their Solutions and Stay on Schedule
Thanks to GoTranscript's innovative approach to transcription, Cerner managed to enhance their advocating for digital transformation in healthcare and spread the company’s information worldwide.
Cerner, North Kansas City, MO, USA
For the last 40 years, Cerner has worked on the intersection of healthcare and IT, connecting people and systems all over the world. Using the latest technological advances, Cerner creates solutions that allow communities and people to engage in their own health. The company relentlessly seeks breakthrough innovations to shape the future of healthcare and how it is delivered.
Get the materials transcribed accurately and as quickly as possible.
Cerner provides solutions that help their clients make informed decisions for better operations management and smarter care. To help all potential clients understand the potential and the benefits of each solution, Cerner performs qualitative interviewing, which is then turned into value pieces.

"I used GoTranscript in my previous studies while doing a Masters Degree in Public Health," says Thomas Dudley, Clinical Consultant at Cerner. "My experiences were very positive from the beginning. GoTranscript offers a quick turnaround and very accurate transcripts. The service is a bit pricey, but the quality of finished work is worth it."
Assigning parts to transcribers with adequate experience in medical transcription to ensure perfect accuracy of the final transcripts.
GoTranscript understands the importance of proper credentials and experience when it comes to medical transcription. Each task is assigned to transcribers with the right skill set to ensure the world-famous 99% accuracy. Transcribing healthcare-related content without adequate expertise produces errors and unreliable results. With seasoned in-house medical transcribers, proofreaders, and editors, GoTranscript ensures every transcript is ready to use as fast as possible.
Cerner managed to save significant time on producing value pieces for their solutions.
"Creating value stories for our solutions takes a reasonable amount of time. We don’t have the resources to transcribe the materials in-house, so GoTranscript saves us at least three days of work on each piece," says Thomas. "All in all, GoTranscript is a perfect fit for us and we’ll continue using their services. They help us spread the company’s information worldwide and advocate for digital transformation in health care. We’re not sure about any future projects at the moment. We currently need about two hours transcribed each month, but this number could easily grow depending on our future strategy."
Clinical Consultant, Population Health, Cerner Corporation
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