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Henry Schein, Inc.
Henry Schein, Inc.
How GoTranscript Helped Henry Schein, Inc. Optimize Communication on a Global Scale
Thanks to GoTranscript's industry-leading translation and subtitling services, Henry Schein ensures its message is clearly communicated in 13 languages.
Henry Schein, Inc.
Henry Schein, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSIC) offers solutions for healthcare professionals. It's powered by a global network of people and technology, with almost 22,000 members worldwide. This network of advisors offers over 300 valued solutions to a million clients globally to help improve clinical outcomes and operational success, enabling them to provide quality care more effectively.
Find a reliable translation and transcription partner to ensure the company's message is communicated clearly.
Language is a common barrier in all healthcare settings, and it's essential for providing the best possible care. Medical translation requires precision and has no room for errors. A single poorly translated word can cause complications and irreparable damage. With inaccurate translations, a life-saving new machine or medication can easily become life-threatening.

Henry Schein needed a reliable partner for accurate translation and subtitling. The company operates through a centralized, automated distribution network, offering over 120,000 products to clients all over the world.

"As a global company, we require translation in multiple languages, often under tight deadlines,",” says Joseph Savino, Multimedia Director at Henry Schein. "After trying out multiple solutions and realizing they don't provide the necessary accuracy, we decided to use GoTranscript exclusively."
Use GoTranscript's international team of medical transcription and translation experts to produce accurate translations and subtitles.
Healthcare companies worldwide often outsource translation tasks because it saves time and money. Instead of hiring new employees, a company pays for the service instead of covering full salaries and benefits for new employees. By using GoTranscript, a company can simply upload the content and get back accurate translations and subtitles ready for sharing.

GoTranscript understands the importance of accuracy in medical translations and uses only certified medical translation experts for this type of work. These industry veterans are native speakers who understand the intricacies of language, cultural differences, and other aspects necessary to provide a flawless translation.
With GoTranscript, Henry Schein can share content through its international network at minimal costs and without worrying about any language barriers.
"GoTranscript delivers accurate translations, always on time and at a reasonable cost," says Joseph Savino. "Accurate translations and subtitles help us communicate our message clearly and accurately. Before using GoTranscript, we heard that the accuracy of the translations we got from other services was often subpar. I'm happy to say we don't get any similar complaints since we started using GoTranscript."

Henry Schein mostly uses GoTranscript's translation and subtitling services, with approximately 15 videos translated into 13 languages every month. Although the number of orders may vary, the company plans to stay on as a regular client.
Joseph Savino
Multimedia Director
Website: Henry Schein, Inc.