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What are Captions?
Captioning is the process of converting the audio content of a television broadcast, webcast, film, video, CD-ROM, DVD, live event, or other productions into text and displaying the text on a screen or monitor, and it enables those who are deaf and hard of hearing to have full access to media materials that otherwise would not be readily available.
What is the difference between Subtitles and Captions?
Captions are meant for video when the viewer is able to see the video but not hear it (often intended for deaf or hard-of-hearing). They communicate the video's spoken content and "atmospherics", which are sound effects that are part of the story.
Subtitles are intended for viewers who can hear the audio, but can't understand the language spoken. They translate the video's spoken and written language into the viewer's language.
How do you keep my information secure?
All of our translators/transcribers have signed a Confidentiality Agreement. We respect our clients' privacy, therefore we provide the option for the client to personally remove the completed transcriptions from our database. Regarding our translators/transcribers, the aforementioned data is completely removed from their computers as well.
How do you ensure quality?
We at GoTranscript completely understand the importance of accuracy in captions, and that's why we always aim for 99% accuracy.
We start with only hiring the best and employ a system of review and quality checks to ensure quality and accuracy. Our staff have no less than 5 years of transcribing experience, so we can assure you that your audio files will be transcribed with great care and attention to detail.
What's the price per minute?
Unlike your typical captioning agency, Gotranscipt provides clear, per-minute pricing with no add-on charges or minimums. Captioning rates starting at $1.04 per minute.