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GoTranscript offers cloud-native API solutions for quick, continuous transcription and captioning, ensuring precision in every output.

Download GoTranscript Presentation 2023
Download GoTranscript Presentation 2023

Our API results

We recognize the growing market opportunity and we’re thrilled to learn about the kind of functionality client’s would like to see added in the future. GoTranscript provides API infrastructure for over 100 brands like media, retail, travel, business services and finance.

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Use Cases

Harness the power of 100% human-driven transcription and captioning with GoTranscript's API. Let's delve into the significant use cases of our human-based transcription and captioning services across diverse sectors.

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Customer Service

Utilize our services to transcribe customer calls, offering insights into customer feedback and representative efficacy through sentiment and keyword analysis.

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Media and Broadcasting

In media, leverage our human expertise for crafting subtitles for films and series, or for transcribing interviews. It's equally potent in journalism, turning spoken words into articles swiftly. And with the surge in video content on social platforms, captions have become indispensable.

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For the medical sector, our API can accurately transcribe doctor-patient interactions, ensuring meticulous medical records. It's invaluable for telehealth services, offering real- time human-crafted captions for those with hearing challenges.

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Legal Services

For the legal domain, our transcription services can meticulously document court sessions, legal discussions, and interviews, aiding in case analysis and evidence evaluation.

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Transform spoken lectures into precise written content with GoTranscript, aiding students who prefer reading or those with auditory impairments. It's an excellent tool for generating accessible content for e- learning portals

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Beyond The Highlighted

GoTranscript's human-based transcription and captioning API offer unparalleled precision across industries. Recognize the myriad applications and employ our API to amplify efficiency and accessibility in your business. The scope is vast; wherever there's recorded audio, GoTranscript stands ready to transcribe.

What use GoTranscript API?

GoTranscript's Human Transcription API has significantly enhanced how businesses handle their transcription needs, streamlining the conversion of audio or video materials into accurate text.

When deciding between building your own transcription team/system or using a third- party API, consider GoTranscript. With 18 years in the business, we've perfected the transcription process. Trust our deep expertise and save yourself the time and hassle of starting from zero.

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Upsell Opportunities

Expand your product offerings. By integrating our services, your platform can now offer transcription and captioning, adding an additional revenue stream.

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Cost Efficiency

Crafting a proprietary transcription system can be both pricey and prolonged. With GoTranscript, you sidestep developmental and upkeep expenditures.

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Our primary focus is transcription. This specialization ensures that we offer impeccable quality consistently.

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Our API is fine-tuned for transcription, ensuring prompt processing without compromising on accuracy.

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As your transcription demands surge, our API scales effortlessly, eliminating the necessity for extra investments on your part.

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GoTranscript shoulders the intricacies of infrastructure management and updates, freeing your team to focus on primary business operations.

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Trust is paramount, and with GoTranscript, you're not just using any third-party API. We prioritize robust security measures, ensuring your data remains confidential and protected at all times.

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Tailored to Your Needs

We provide options that cater to your specific requirements, ensuring you don't compromise on customization. Plus, our dedicated developers are on hand to assist and ensure seamless integration tailored to your needs.

How it works?

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The Smart Choice

Opt for GoTranscript's API Over Building Your Own Transcription/ Captioning system - Save Time, Money, and Hassle.

Building an in-house transcription and captioning system can be a daunting task that requires a significant investment in various areas.

Let's break down these areas to understand why opting for GoTranscript's established API is the wiser choice:

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Research & Planning

Understand market demand, set quality standards, allocate resources. With GoTranscript, you get 18 years of industry insights instantly.

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Recruitment & Training

The challenge of hiring, training, and maintaining a team of skilled transcriptionists is immense. Bypass this with our expert team ready to serve.

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Infrastructure & Workspace

Setting up an environment conducive to transcription requires space, equipment, and security measures. GoTranscript's facilities are already optimized for these tasks.

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Workflow Development

Crafting an efficient transcription process is critical. Benefit from our tried-and-true workflows honed over the years.

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Technology & Software

Procuring or building specialized transcription software is costly and time-consuming. Our state-of-the-art solutions have you covered.

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Quality Assurance & Control

Guaranteeing transcript accuracy demands rigorous checks and balances. Our dedicated QA team ensures top-notch results every time.

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Continuous Training & Updates

Language evolves, and so do industry requirements. We're always ahead, updating our skills and knowledge for you.

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Expansion & Scaling

As your needs grow, adjusting processes and capacity can be cumbersome. With GoTranscript, scalability is a given.

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Financial Investment

From salaries to software and facilities, the costs add up. Avoid hefty investments and hidden costs by choosing GoTranscript's API.

Client testimonials

We use GoTranscript primarily to transcribe and translate videos and interviews. We use this content for storytelling, mostly video and editorial. The service allows us to expedite the process and tell more complete stories both in video and written form. GoTranscript helps us produce content that allows our team to grow our fundraising year-over-year, even in the middle of the pandemic.
John Streit
Managing Editor and Writer, Operation Smile
GoTranscript meets our current needs to offer transcripts and captions to our customers while meeting all necessary accessibility standards," says Sharon D. "Before we started using GoTranscript, we didn't provide text content with all our materials. GoTranscript definitely saves time because we only need to focus on proofreading.
We interview customers and internal experts on different aspects of the market and business. GoTranscript helps us turn these interviews into text without spending time on transcription or taking notes. This helps our employees focus on value-added work and improves knowledge transfer while saving people’s time and resources,” says Andrei C. “We do not have a steady stream of orders. We usually just order what we need, which is 3-4 hours per month.
Andrei Charniauski
Director of Market Intelligence
We discovered GoTranscript via Google by searching for Chinese, Korean, and German translation. We previously worked with several freelance native English speakers, but they could not deal with other languages. GoTranscript is a great solution for us because of its 24/7 availability. The service helps us deal with any amount of orders we get without compromising quality for our clients.
Yoko Matsuo
Head of the transcription department at Kurei Kikaku Jimusho Co., Ltd.
We needed a reliable partner to help streamline our captioning work and we found GoTranscript. The captions we get are high-quality, they're available in different formats, and we always get them quicker than anticipated. Thanks to GoTranscript, we're continuing to tell our city's story.
Kimberly Taylor
CityTV, Lakewood, CA
I found GoTranscript when a previous transcription service majorly inconvenienced us and we needed captions/SRTs done as quickly as possible. Communication and responding to emails is is the most important thing for us, especially when we need a quick turnaround. GoTranscript has significantly helped us as we know we'll get transcripts back quickly and at a very affordable rate.
Production Coordinator, Enigma Communications
We discovered GoTranscript through a Google search when we realized we need help with transcribing our weekly sermons. The transcripts are a great way to promote our teachings and improve SEO by offering valuable weekly content. We're thrilled with the pricing, ease of uploading recordings, and the turnaround time.
Matthew Dodd
Associate pastor, Calvary Chapel Worship Center, Hillsboro, OR
We found GoTranscript very useful and helpful for our business development. It makes it easier, faster, and cheaper for us to shape our products for different markets. GoTranscript's transcription, captioning, and translation services lighten our workload and help us reach a wider audience with our content. Currently, it has an impact on our growth around 8-10%.
Cecilia Rossini
Chief Marketing Officer, Osteocom
We found GoTranscript very useful and helpful for our business development. It makes it easier, faster, and cheaper for us to shape our products for different markets. GoTranscript's transcription, captioning, and translation services lighten our workload and help us reach a wider audience with our content. Currently, it has an impact on our growth around 8-10%.
Cecilia Rossini
Chief Marketing Officer, Osteocom
We've started working with GoTranscript in 2019, and I have nothing but the best possible experiences with the company. I love the fact that they're always available, willing to help, and ready to go the extra mile if needed. The fact that we can always count on them saves time and positively impacts our business.
Mr. Kam Khadem
Head of Brand at Next Level Racing
We do not have internal staff for these tasks, so GoTranscript helps us adapt content for international audiences and adds fabulous opportunities to expand our operations. The thing we appreciate the most is the assistance of the staff. Our account manager, Ignas Ambrasunas, is a great problem solver, a fantastic partner to work with, and someone we can trust.
Emanuela F.
past Executive Director
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