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Frequently asked questions

We utilize cutting-edge transcription software designed for high accuracy and speed, ensuring your automatic transcriptions are of the highest quality.

Absolutely. Our platform provides tools to easily edit and refine your transcripts post-transcription, offering the flexibility to make any necessary adjustments.

Security is our top priority. Our transcribing software and platforms employ advanced security measures to protect your data at every step of the transcription process.

Our transcription program can handle files of various sizes and lengths. However, for extremely large files, please contact our support team for the best advice on managing your transcription project.

Our manual transcription service offers near-perfect accuracy, as it depends on the transcriber's attention to detail. The automatic transcription service's accuracy is also high but may vary based on audio quality, background noise, and speakers' clarity.

Our transcriber software supports multiple languages. For a comprehensive list of supported languages or any specific language inquiries, please reach out to our customer service team.