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Even though podcasts are meant for listening, you can get so much more popularity if you have the written versions of them! There are a lot of benefits to transcribing your podcasts, and here are some of them:

Doing research becomes more complex when the data you find is in audio or video format. Transcription services transfer your findings to a workable text format for more flexible use.

Taking advantage of transcription for research saves you tons of time. Written information is quicker and easier to analyze, compare, and catalog.


Security and Confidentiality

Keeping the highest possible rate of confidentiality is one of our main goals. Choosing us, you can be sure that the information in your recordings will remain safe. We can ensure you that the data of your research and projects will be secured from leaking.

You can send us your audio or video files for accurate and professional transcripted versions. More about confidentiality.

The Accuracy of Our Transcriptions

The main purpose of transcription is to record and store information accurately for long-term access. In research, transcription is especially important, and there should be no mistakes regarding factual information.

Our transcriptionists are proud of their high-quality performance and are ready to help you with the medical audio recordings you send to us. GoTranscript can offer you the quality you will hardly find at other transcription companies. More about accuracy.

We Transcribe:

Academic Research Transcriptions

We employ many professionals who are highly skilled in academic research transcription. These educated transcribers work with universities around the world.
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Medical Research Transcriptions

The transcribers at GoTranscript have already done many transcriptions for hospitals, medical research centers, and doctors. All of our clients were happy with the quality of our work and proceeded to use our services.
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Market Research Transcriptions

Whether you've recorded a group discussion, brainstorming session, or other exchange, you'll need a transcript to act on the ideas presented. Our market research transcription rates are affordable and help you work far more effectively.

Legal Research Transcriptions

We have a lot of legal transcribers working for us, and we know that this kind of work requires extra care and much knowledge.
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Low Prices for Research Transcriptions

Below, you can clearly see our transcription rates. We are strongly client-oriented and use no shady methods of calculating the prices of our services, which are usually a lot cheaper than those of other companies. Learn more.

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GoTranscript is a professional audio and video transcription services company, founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our team consists of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified. We review the quality of our audio transcription services regularly to ensure best-in-class results.

We protect your privacy with 2048-bit SSL encryption and an NDA.
10,000 CLIENTS
One of the fastest-growing transcription services online, GoTranscript has over 10,000 active clients.
Our professionals have transcribed hundreds of thousands of audio/video hours since 2005.
The GoTranscript team includes nearly 20,000 professionally trained and certified transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists.
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