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If your AI Transcription sometimes disappoint your clients, try the GoTranscript API. It’s designed to enhance client satisfaction and retention.

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Your AI-driven transcription business is booming, but sometimes the transcriptions aren't meeting your client's expectations. Mistakes and inaccuracies can damage client trust, and you might even risk losing them to competitors.

Most important, 87% of transcription users still need human transcription accuracy, emphasizing the critical role of precision in this industry



Enter GoTranscript! With our robust editing services, you can ensure that your transcriptions are polished, accurate, and up to the mark. We act as a safety net, catching those errors and enhancing the quality of your AI-generated transcriptions.

Importantly, GoTranscript operates as a discreet third party, ensuring your clients will never see or come across the GoTranscript name in the process.

How it works?

Step 1

AI Transcription Delivery & CTA

After the AI transcription is done, give the client the transcript with a note: “This AI-generated transcription may have errors. For better accuracy, try our premium editing service."

Your business sends the AI transcription text and corresponding audio file to GoTranscript via our seamless API.

This AI-generated transcription may have errors. For better accuracy, try our premium editing service

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Step 2

Professional Review & Editing

Transcription Review by professional editors


Scenario A - Good Accuracy

If the AI transcription is mostly accurate, our editors refine it. Once edited, it's returned to you, and the cost is deducted from your GoTranscript balance.

You have the discretion to decide the pricing structure and how much to change for the refined transcriptions.

1. Refine transcription

Transcription done by human with 99%+ accuracy

2. Your business

Your choice on how to deliver the edited transcription to the client

3. AI business client

Client receives edited transcription


Scenario B - Poor Accuracy

If the accuracy is bellow the mark, we notify you. Your client gets a message with two options:

1. They can choose not to proceed

Problems with transcription

Due to the low quality of your audio, it's impossible for human editors to refine the transcription

2. They can order a human transcription for guaranteed 99% +accuracy

Your clients can order human transcription directly from your order form. Acting as a discreet third-party, GoTranscript editors transcribe the file from scratch. Once completed, the polished transcript seamlessly integrates back into your platform, with the cost deducted from your allocated GoTranscript balance. Your clients will appreciate the enhanced quality, believing it's all part of your service, while we work invisibly in the background.


Great news!

Despite the challenges, your audio file is perfectly suited for direct human transcription

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We understand how competitive the transcription business is as we've been in it since 2005. Gain an edge over your competitors by integrating the GoTranscript editing API.
Begin upselling, enhance user retention, and increase your revenue.

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Over 60,000 clients engaged with our platform in 50+ countries. Our customers have used our platform to transcribe more than 144 million minutes of recordings
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Using enterprise transcription solutions offers several benefits, including increased productivity, faster turnaround times, greater accuracy, and cost savings.

Yes, enterprise transcription solutions can integrate with other business applications to streamline workflows and improve productivity. This integration can be achieved through APIs or custom integrations.

Yes, enterprise transcription solutions are designed to be scalable, which means that they can handle an increase in volume as your transcription needs grow.
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