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Customer experience is GoTranscript top priority. We put our customers first by focusing on comprehensive onboarding, constant guidance and dedicated 24/7 support.

Learn how our customers increased efficiency, reduced overhead, and saved valuable time and resources.

"Creating value stories for our solutions takes a reasonable amount of time. We don’t have the resources to transcribe the materials in-house, so GoTranscript saves us at least three days of work on each piece,” says Thomas. "All in all, GoTranscript is a perfect fit for us and we’ll continue using their services. They help us spread the company’s information worldwide and advocate for digital transformation in health care. We’re not sure about any future projects at the moment. We currently need about two hours transcribed each month, but this number could easily grow depending on our future strategy."
Thomas Dudley, MPH, RN
Clinical Consultant, Population Health, Cerner Corporation
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"We interview our customers and internal experts on different aspects of the market and business in general. With GoTranscript, we can quickly turn these interviews into text without spending time and resources on transcription and note-taking. These transcripts help our employees focus on value-added work and significantly improve knowledge transfer within the company."
Andrei Charniauski
Director of Market Intelligence
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"We were looking for a new transcription service and found GoTranscript through a New York Times link. We’re doing everything automatically through the API. Combined with the stellar turnaround time, we were able to automatize the whole process and offer a premium, seamless experience to our clients. This helps us spread the word about our incredible level of support."
Bill H.
gen.video co-founder
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Healthcare Education Company*
"Before we started using GoTranscript, we didn't provide text content with all our materials. With their transcripts and captions, we were able to make our training materials accessible to new customers while meeting all necessary accessible standards."
*The information has been anonymized as requested by the client
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Financial Services and Investment Company*
"We were looking for a transcription service that offers fast turnaround times we can rely on. GoTranscripts 24-hour turnaround option is crucial for us because we need our conference calls transcribed as fast as possible without compromising accuracy. The service helps us create summaries and get them approved by compliance faster, so they can be used by our sales, product, and marketing teams."
*The information has been anonymized as requested by the client
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"We wanted to expand our training offerings to more regions of the world with more language options. Since we already used GoTranscript, we decided to try the translation service. Thanks to their high accuracy, low cost, and fast turnaround times, we're able to educate more people internationally in several different languages."
Calvin Reid
Deputy Director of Creative, Risk and Strategic Management, Corp.
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