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GoTranscript is one of the largest online transcription companies. Founded in Edinburgh, Scotland — home to many universities — we naturally made it our mission to serve educators and students. That's why we offer discounts to users at the best colleges and universities around the world.

  • Are you a student? Don't waste your time furiously typing notes in class or transcribing your own audio recordings back in your dorm. Education transcription is easily accessible and affordable, even to hungry, hard-working students. We offer a special discount for students, so take advantage and start streamlining your learning process.
  • And if you're an educator at University, we offer the same discount to you. Record your lectures and have them transcribed. Use your transcripts to review student questions, design tests, and more. And there's so much you can do with transcripts of special presentations, class discussions, question-and-answer sessions, and labs.

We know you're busy, so we make document typing services online as easy as possible. Simply upload your files; pay online; and wait for us to email you the final product. Our quality checks guarantee your transcripts will meet the high standards of your University.

You can even use our editing tool to further refine your results. Start today for a brighter tomorrow!





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From $0.77 per minute
Convert video or audio to text
  • Native transcribers
  • Secure and confidential
  • 99% accuracy


From $1.11 per minute
Caption your videos
  • Captions for any platform
  • For the hearing impaired
  • Increase your video SEO


$8.50 per minute
Subtitles for English videos
  • Expand your audience
  • Native translators
  • 30+ languages


$0.06 per word
Translate audio or text into 30+ languages
  • Fixed pricing
  • Quality Translators
  • Secure and confidential

Academic Writing

From $0.03 per word
Education writing services
  • Human quality
  • 40 areas of experience
  • 1 day turnaround

The Benefits of Education Transcription


When attending a lecture, paying full attention is paramount. But how can you concentrate on the content and write it all down at the same time? When you listen and write simultaneously, you cannot process the concepts fully. Furthermore, it is not always possible to ask questions. That is why recording a lecture and having it transcribed is the best approach to retaining the information.

Lecture transcription is helpful not only to students. Professors and teachers who have their lessons transcribed can review their own work, come up with new ideas, and improve the overall quality of their instruction.
Lecture transcriptions beat note-taking by:
  • Fostering student attention and participation.
  • Allowing students to think about what they are learning in real time.
  • Handwriting to text service makes easier to read and share than handwritten notes.
  • Yielding text with correct grammar and spelling, which facilitates retention.
  • Preventing hand cramps, eyestrain, and general fatigue caused by excessive writing.

Academic Transcription Costs

You can find all the prices for academic transcription on our page, as we have no hidden fees. We firmly believe that transparency is the key to our customers' happiness. To make you even happier, we offer a 10% discount on academic orders!
Here are the prices for our transcription services:
Turnaround Time One-On-One Interview
5-Day Service
3-Day Service
1-Day Service
6-12 Hour Service
Captioning cost extra +$0.40/minute

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