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Security, privacy, and confidentiality guarantee: 2048-bit SSL encryption, NDA protection

The importance of confidentiality in document transcription services

Client confidentiality is one of our highest values. Whether your content relates to an article, patent, or sales strategy, we meet your demand for privacy in transcription.

Your audio and video files are safe with our guaranteed 100% secure transcription services!

Why are we so sure?
Our Non-Disclosure Agreement
Our Non-Disclosure Agreement
Because we place such a high value on confidentiality, our transcribers must sign a non-disclosure agreement to assure clients of our secure transcription practices. Additionally, transcriptionists sign job-specific NDAs for certain tasks or as required by clients.

If you need an additional NDA, simply contact us and let us know. We will be happy to help you with the confidentiality of your transcriptions.
The Transcription Process and Maintaining Confidentiality
The Transcription Process and Maintaining Confidentiality
Whether you're ordering medical transcription services online or need other private information transcribed, rest assured that we take many steps to ensure the security of your files. For example, we keep your files on our own servers only, so they can't be accessed by outsiders. We also encrypt files while sending them over the internet.

Here are the other examples for confidential transcription services:

  1. All the transcription files are cut into small parts of 5-10 minutes. As a result, whole files cannot be obtained by the same transcriptionist. They can only see the parts on a list among all the other transcriptions.
  2. There is no possibility to work on more than one part of the same file.
  3. The actions of our transcriptionists are always monitored, so we can see which files are being worked on.
  4. After the transcription is complete, we delete the file from our system.
GoTranscript Has More Than 10 Years of Confidential Transcriptions
Our many years of experience and our high ratings show our competence at handling confidential files. Our transcribers are pros at secure medical transcription and legal transcription. We've transcribed documents for open criminal cases as well as highly sensitive health records. You can trust our medical and legal transcription security because, as you see, the safety of your information is our priority.
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What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is a professional audio and video transcription service company, founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our team consists of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified. We review the quality of our audio transcription services regularly to ensure best-in-class results.
Guaranteed security
We protect your privacy with 2048-bit SSL encryption and an NDA to be in line with robust business or academic requirements.
Human work only
We rely on people, not machines, to provide the best transcribing services with maximum accuracy.
Over 15 years in the business
New and returning international customers have trusted our transcription services with thousands of audio/video hours since 2005.
10,000 clients
One of the fastest-growing transcription services online, GoTranscript has over 10,000 active clients.
20,000 staff members
The GoTranscript team includes nearly 20,000 professionally trained and certified transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists.
Transcription services near me
GoTranscript is always just a click away! Whether it's medical, business, legal, or academic transcription services – our specialists are always ready to help.

Our clients say nice things about us:

Verified Order
“ Amazing service, very time-saving and reliable ”
Jul 17, 2024
Verified Order
“ I've had great experiences with GoT over the years, just trying out the automated transcript for the first time ”
Miriam Zoila Pérez
Jul 10, 2024
Verified Order
“ Quick turnaround and very accurate. I did need to edit each of the transcripts, but that's completely understandable since the transcribers aren't familiar with some of the words/concepts/ideas of my dissertation research. I would defi... ”
PhD candidate
Jul 10, 2024
Verified Order
“ I highly recommend using GoTranscript's services! Their accuracy is impeccable, and they returned my transcript faster than I expected. ”
Kaelyn Sanders
Jul 10, 2024
Verified Order
“ From the order I've done the transcription actually came back before the deadline which was great! ”
Bradley Robinson
Jul 9, 2024
Verified Order
“ Great fast results; hours of transcripts returned within a day's time. I've been using the AI transcription and it produces well with easily correctable errors. Thanks! ”
Renee Vita
Jul 9, 2024

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can trust GoTranscript with your sensitive information. The company has a track record of providing secure and confidential transcription services to a wide range of clients.

Yes, GoTranscript offers a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for confidential transcription services upon request. This agreement ensures that all client data and information remains confidential and is not disclosed

Yes, you can request revisions or edits to your confidential transcript if needed. GoTranscript offers a satisfaction guarantee and will work with you to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.