Academic Transcription Services

If you are a student or a university professor, we give you a 20% discount for transcriptions.
We deeply care about our clients and we will do our best to make a transcription of your lecture, seminar, group discussion, interview, or presentation.

Why choose our academic transcription company?

Custom invoices
Option to pay by wire transfer, paypal or credit card
Custom transcription template if needed
20% discount for all academic orders

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How Can Students and Professors Benefit from Transcriptions?


During a lecture, it is important to pay utmost attention to what is being said. But how can you concentrate on the content and write it down at the same time? It can be really distracting because, when you write, you can’t think about the actual lecture and it is impossible to ask questions. That is why recording it and having it transcribed is a really good idea.

Transcribing lessons and lectures can be a great help not only for students. By having their lessons transcribed, professors and teachers can review their own work, come up with new ideas and improve the overall quality of their work.
The Benefits of Lecture Transcriptions:
  • The lecture can be more fluid as students are participating rather than writing.
  • There is more time to come up with new ideas.
  • Bad handwriting is not a problem anymore – students can freely read the transcription and share it with classmates.
  • The lecture notes are grammatically correct – the right spelling is vital when learning.
  • When not writing all the time, students are less tired and the learning process is much faster.

Academic Transcription Costs

You can find all the prices for academic transcriptions on our page as we have no hidden fees. We are transparent with all our clients because making customers happy is our goal. Also, academic transcriptions are offered a 20% discount!
Here are the prices of our transcription services:
Turnaround Time One-On-One Interview
5-Day Service
3-Day Service
1-Day Service
6-12 Hour Service
Captioning cost extra +$0.40/minute

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