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10 Best Video Editing Software in 2024

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Sep 6 · 7 Sep, 2022
10 Best Video Editing Software in 2024

Professional video editors and filmmakers use editing software to create polished videos for projects or social media. There are many choices of editing software available today and choosing the right one with the features you need is the key to putting together an awesome video. In this article, we’ve compiled a guide to help you find the best video editing software that fits your needs and budget. 

Things To Consider When Getting a Video Editing Software 

Finding the right video editing software is not easy. You don’t simply pick a video editing software that’s the cheapest or most expensive. There are many factors that can affect your purchase decision. 

Moreover, there are also tons of options available so choosing the right one can be a real challenge. But what should a good video editing software include? Here are some things you should consider before buying video editing software.  

1. It should have the basic editing tools 

An impressive video editing software should make cutting, trimming, and combining clips easy. It should have all the basic editing tools you need to create a simple yet good video. 

2. It should have the features you need 

Before deciding which particular software to buy, you should make a list of features you need first. If you’re a business owner or a designer, or just a consumer editing home videos, you want features that you will use. Purchasing a video editor with loads of features you don’t even know how to use is just a waste of money.  

3.  It should have a good interface and usability 

Although the end results are important, the software’s underlying interface and usability also help with the phase, journey, and overall creation of the video. 

10 Best Video Editing Software in 2024

Looking for a great video editing software? Check out the list below to find the best video editing software you can use to edit video content for your website, Youtube, social media, or other platforms: 

1. Lightworks 

Lightworks is video editing software that can help you create quality videos. It’s designed for both pros and newbies alike. Lightworks is one of the most popular video editors used by professionals and even award-winning filmmakers. 

In terms of usability, Lightworks is quite difficult to use at first. However, there are lots of tutorials you can read to help you. Lightwork’s interface is minimalist and neat. You won’t have to worry about getting lost track of what you’re doing because of the absence of clutter on your screen. Easy commands such as trim, delete, and save are all placed in the best spots. This makes creating and editing videos a lot faster. 


Fast and precise video editing

Multicam editing 

Option to export to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram

Real-time team project sharing

Supports  a wide range of video formats

2. Adobe Premiere Rush 

Adobe Premiere Rush is another amazing video editing software for people on a budget. With this tool, you can create amazing video content for Youtube or social media. The software allows you to edit videos with special effects, texts, overlays, and different kinds of cool transitions. You can also adjust your video speed and sound to your liking. 

With Adobe Premiere Rush, you can also save your videos offline or share them on the internet. Because it’s free, the editing tools are quite basic and simple. It isn’t exactly for advanced video editors and you’ll be much better using another tool if you’re a pro. 


100GB of cloud storage (you can also upgrade up to 10TB)

Easy click and drag to add transitions

Built-in templates for adding and editing titles 

Presets to easily create video files optimized for specific platforms

3. Avid Media Composer 

Avid Media Composer is an impressive video editing software for professional editors. It’s flexible, simplistic in design, and has industry-standard features that you need for proper video editing in 2024. 

Avid Media Composer is designed to work with add-ons but it also has a free version. If you’re serious about video editing, you can purchase their add-ons. However, if you want to simply try the app, the free version is a great starter tool. The only downside of this software is that it’s a bit performance-needy and you might need a powerful computer for it. It also has a difficult learning curve, so if you’re a beginner in video editing, it would be pretty normal to struggle at first. 


Audio Dupe Detection

Background Render

Background Consolidate/Transcode

Color Correction

Edit HDR projects


Keyboard Mapping

Multicam editing

Preview clips

Print Timeline

Visual feedback

4. Final Cut Pro 

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s professional video editing software that’s also part of their Prop Apps family of software. The software was first released on June 21, 2011. Because it’s made by Apple, Final Cut Pro shares code and interface design with Apple’s video editing software iMovie. 


Fast performance

iPad Sidecar and MacBook Touch Bar support

Magnetic, trackless timeline

Multicam support

Superior organization tools

Support for 360-degree footage and HDR

5. Sony Vegas Pro 

Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing software published by Sonic Creative Software (Magix). It runs on the Windows operating system. Originally, it was an audio editing software but later developed into an NLE for video and audio from version 2.0. 

Sony Vegas includes amazing features such as real-time multi-tracking video and audio editing on unlimited tracks. It also has resolution-independent video sequencing, complex effects, compositing tools, and Dolby Digital surround sound mixing.


4K Support

Adjustable UI Appearance

Audio Editing

Automatic Crossfades

Create Projects In 3D

Crop OFX Plug-In

DVD & Blue-ray Disc Authoring

Enhanced User Interface

Fast & Smooth Timeline Editing

Instant Freeze Frame

OFX Plug-Ins

On-Preview Window Controls

Picture-In-Picture OFX Plug-In

Timeline Clip Events Headers

Velocity Envelopes

Video Effects & Compositing Tools

6. Da Vinci Resolve Studio 16

DaVinci Resolve is another amazing video editing software in the market today. It lets you cut, paste, and do a lot more with clips you’ve added to your timeline. You can also adjust different audio aspects, add visual effects, and change the colors of the video. 

DaVinci Resolve has features such as the ability to work with two timelines, create overlays in real-time, change speed, use dynamic zoom, and stabilize recordings. Da Vinci’s impressive tools are also compatible with tons of formats. You can easily export your video to any platform.  


Add effects and subtitles

Additional Resolve FX

Color grade and color correct

Collaborative workflow

Denoiser & Motion Blur

Excellent customer support

Footage and sound editing

Facial recognition, object removal, and auto-color matching

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Color Grading

7. Edius Pro 8 

EDIUS Pro 8 is the perfect finishing tool for professional video editors allowing them to create impressive videos, documentaries, and 4K theatrical productions. EIDUS Pro 8 is versatile and allows users to real-time edit into different kinds of formats while editing on the same timeline. It’s basically a video editing software that can help you make tons of videos in a short amount of time, without sacrificing creativity.   


265/HEVC decoding

3-way color correction

4K workflow

Edit with different resolution

Flexible user interface

Fast AVCHD editing

Multiple file formats

Multicam editing

Motion tracking

RAW decode

Real-time conversion frame rates

Native processing

8. Hit film 4 Pro 

HitFilm 4 Pro is an impressive video editing software that gives you everything you need to edit videos and create films. It even has 3D compositing and visual effects features. HitFilm 4 is designed for professional filmmakers and creators who dabble in blending, compositing, and editing videos. It’s clearly not an app for newbies and those who don’t know anything about video and filmmaking. 

Some things you can do with Hit Film 4 Pro include changing your video backgrounds, adding and removing elements, changing color, and generating high-quality visual effects. The software is so good that you can create a very high-quality cinema-like video with it. It also comes with tons of amazing tools that can create various styles and effects on your videos.   


100+ effects in the library

2D and 3D layer compositing

2D and 3D keyframe animation

3D cameras

Advanced Compositing cameras and lights

Audio editing with audio effects

Color correction

Real-time rendering of 3D models       

9. Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate        

A trusted leader in video editing, Pinnacle Studio 23, is an amazing video editing software with ever-improving features such as text masks, LUT profiles, video mask creator, and more. The best thing about this video editor is it’s very newbie-friendly. You can easily learn how to use the software without spending too much time reading manuals or tutorials. 


Clear user interface

Detailed masking tools

Fast rendering and performance 

Huge effects library

Multicam editing

Powerful title editor

10. CyberLink Power Director 

Power Director is a powerful video editing software for macOS and Windows users. It’s also beginner-friendly with an intuitive user interface. It’s loaded with features that help users create videos for new kinds of technologies and formats. You can create a digital movie with amazing transitions, effects, and adjustments.


Clear interface

Fast rendering

Motion tracking

Multicam editing

Screen recording

Tons of effects