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10 Industries That Can Benefit From Translation Services

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom Sep 6 · 7 Sep, 2022
10 Industries That Can Benefit From Translation Services

The translation is a new industry founded in the digital age. Through the rise of the internet, many businesses have expanded to global markets and gained foreign consumers. What seemed to have been expensive and difficult before is now a reality. 

So, how does a translation make our world a better place? Translation services first and foremost help connect businesses and consumers together. Even if they are continents and oceans apart and with distinct differences in culture and language, both can work together. Today, it has become so easy for businesses to introduce themselves in new markets, without ever worrying about miscommunication—all thanks to translation. 

With many businesses expanding globally, websites have also evolved into multi-lingual content avenues. Even social media has easy translation features for everyone. No matter where your customers are—whatever language they speak (Hindi, Japanese, French, etc.) translation services will make it easy for everyone.  In this article, we’ll find out which industries can benefit most from translation services: 


If there’s one industry where translation is so important it’s education. Since COVID happened, many classrooms have moved online and switched to e-learning. In e-learning, translated education programs enhance students’ understanding and retention of concepts. Exchange students and those that come from foreign backgrounds can also benefit from translations as it will improve their education experience and reduce language barriers. 

Legal Industry

Translation services are important in the legal industry. There are instances where case reports, witness statements, litigations, and original documents might be in different languages. For this reason, law firms and lawyers need accurate translations. This is critical when translating documents such as work permits, visas, and licenses.  

Market Research

In the age of tech, market research has been growing rapidly. As the world learns the true value of understanding consumer needs, it becomes easier for companies to expand and grow their market locally and internationally. However, this can only be done through connecting to the consumer on a personal level such as speaking their consumer’s target language and respecting their cultural norms.

This is why many companies nowadays spend tons of money on professional translation services to convert their surveys into multiple languages. Translation services allow these companies to further spread their influence on international markets not just local. 


The finance industry is one of the largest global industries that is also known for its complex financial and business lingos. Financial services include your credit companies, banks, insurance, as well as financial companies that provide business and tech to clients. 

Many financial documents contain writings that talk about local and international regulations, contracts, and more. Since the finance industry works on a huge scale global trading market, they need customers from all countries to achieve their goals as a global solution. 

This is where the accurate translation of financial documents becomes critical in meeting the expectations of their clients and customers. If you’re a business that has clients from all over the globe, you need the help of translators to provide your business with correct translated documents for your customers. Sometimes, these documents have specific deadlines to meet so a professional translation service that’s prompt is beneficial in these cases. 

Manufacturing Industry 

The manufacturing industry is responsible for a lot of processes in the global market. From information, product descriptions, advertisements, manuals, user guides, and more. These documents also need translation to be applied to customers in different countries. The importance of accurate conversion is critical to avoid the risk of miscommunication, litigation, and other business problems.  

E-commerce Industry

The ecommerce industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in the past decade. With more and more people preferring to shop online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores, many online stores have increased their profits tremendously. The ecommerce market profits rely not only on local purchases but also on global sales. 

This is why many retail giants have their websites available in different languages to accommodate customers from other countries. Translated contents involve everything from product names, descriptions, and even user reviews. 

In fact, experts say that if your website is only available in one language, then you’re missing out on a lot of growth potential. If you have amazing products that can be used on a global scale, the first step to ensure growth is to translate your website to accommodate more local markets. 

Entertainment and Gaming Industry 

The entertainment and gaming industry is another rapidly growing industry since the post-covid era. With so much time spent at home, many people are turning to movies and games to survive boredom and fill the need for social connection. 

Translated movie subtitles and dubbing are so common in TV and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. Great shows that garner a lot of praise and international success such as Money Heist, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad all have subtitles in different languages. 

The case is similar to video games. Today, many video games have been translated into various languages to cater to a large and growing global audience. For example, the popular multiplayer, Fortnite has several game language options for its players. They also have several servers for various regions and continents to make online playing more localized.  

Travel and Tourism 

The travel industry is another industry that relies a lot on translation services. Since their primary clients are global travelers, travel websites often have their content available in multiple languages. Agencies also provide materials for travelers that are written in their local languages. This aids the travel experiences of everyone and makes travel safer at this age. 

Scientific Research Industry 

Science has no borders and usually, scientists from different countries work together to do research. Despite differences in culture, religion, and linguistic background, scientific findings are often the same. That’s why translators with familiarity with scientific languages are so important. They are needed to rewrite scientific papers and write posts from the source without changing the gist of the findings even when translated to another language. 

Healthcare Industry

Just like other industries mentioned above, the healthcare industry is a global industry that requires translation services for almost everything. Translations are also should be very accurate as they often contain dosage instructions, doctor notes, and medicine ingredients. A bad translation can have severe implications that’s why the translation services here are very valuable. 

Human Resource Industry 

The human resource industry (HR) is an important part of the organization of every company in the world. It doesn’t just help employees of the company, but it also shapes the business culture, strategy, and future success. Communication is very important in this industry. That’s why when leaders have partners from different countries and speak different languages, a good translator can improve the overall collaboration and performance of the team.