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4 Benefits of Legal Transcriptions and Go Transcript’s -20% Offer For Your Next Transcript

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom May 10 · 10 May, 2021
4 Benefits of Legal Transcriptions and Go Transcript’s -20% Offer For Your Next Transcript

Legal work requires the best organized and most detailed information for attorneys, prosecutors, and others for successful operations. That is important for the internal work within the team and on an individual level and for some external communication to have everything detailed and orderly presented to withstand scrutiny and make a good presentation case. That adds a lot of pressure on already a demanding job.

Progressive legal institutions are looking for effective ways to increase their effectiveness, success and address their staff's well-being. One of such efforts in addressing the goals above is a transcription of recordings: then nothing will get missed, and the team will have less burden on tasks that divert them from their direct fields of best knowledge and professionalism.

Here in Go Transcript, we have decided to provide 20% off to try out the transcription outsourcing service, which will help your organization and your staff thrive. Just visit Go Transcript's transcription services page and use the promo code legal20 when ordering your next transcription!

Are you not convinced yet? Then read the four insights we have prepared on why this service is highly beneficial for legal practices.

1. Accessible information

If something in the recording a lawyer finds essential for the case, having a good transcription can leverage it by sharing it among the other parties: this can make the case stronger! Not to mention that once the lawyer has the recording transcribed, it is so much easier to look through the text and gather the evidence! Important words, paragraphs, or sentences can be highlighted and then quickly found again if needed. Ultimately, transcriptions can be safely stored and accessed digitally; it is easy to search the document for specific details.

2. Transcription is a helpful format

A good transcription helps the lawyer to build a strategy when one goes to court. For example, recordings usually have timestamps, which is a very informative detail. It helps to track what and when has been said to have a more nuanced understanding of the case and the positions the involved individuals have. Having the transcription mapped time-wise, there will be no need to look through the paper to figure out the chronology of the recording. It is always there, and one can have a very cohesive view and understanding of the situation by just looking at the transcribed text of the recording.

3. Institutional knowledge

Suppose a law firm uses legal transcription service. In that case, it adds up to its institutional knowledge along with the initial recordings and other legal documents by having a comprehensive set of documents, insights, and other materials. On the one hand, transcriptions strengthen the preparation for the case and increase the likeliness of success. On the other hand, it provides more detail to look back to the case, gain inspiration or insight for the next case, or is also a great tool to teach and onboard junior colleagues by sharing the modus operandi for success. It is also a good add-on for debriefing/retrospective sessions for the organizations and legal teams to look back on what made their job successful and reviewed for better luck.

4. Efficiency

Lawyers are costly. Non-lawyers may not be that accurate to make legal transcriptions; even if an organization trains one, there is a significant risk of not having the person fully staffed on transcriptions.

Outsourcing legal transcription is a powerful, cost-effective, and time-saving solution.

Go Transcript transcribers are well prepared for this task. Visit the Go Transcript legal transcription services page, and use the great deal we offer you with the promo code legal20.