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7 Reasons NOT to Rely on Transcription Software Too Much

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Posted in Zoom Apr 20 · 22 Apr, 2016
7 Reasons NOT to Rely on Transcription Software Too Much

As we live in the technology age, from home to big organization people are dependent on machines to perform work. Transcription business makes no exception. When it comes to getting documents transcribed, we look to cut corners because we want to save time, reduce difficulty, or both! So, here comes transcription software with all the pluses it is deemed to bring in. We don’t mean to deny its powers but rather call out some facts you should consider before resorting to it.


  1. Training

A very serious drawback to these types of programs is that when you first purchase them, you have to train them to recognize individual voices. They are typically progressive programs, so they learn from making mistakes and will improve with time. As they do so, you might end up editing or correcting some amounts of text, which do not match with what you said.


  1. Accents and Speech Recognition

Voice recognition systems do have problems with accents. Even though some may learn to decode your speech over time, you have to learn to talk consistently and clearly at all times to minimize errors. If you mumble, talk too fast or run words into each other, the software will not always be able to cope.


  1. Limited Vocabulary

Voice recognition software recognizes “normal” words. For instance, unusual or fictional names in a story aren’t going to be in the program’s vocabulary. Slang can also present a problem.


  1. Background Noise

To get the best out of voice recognition software, you need a quiet environment. Systems don’t work so well if there is a lot of background noise. This can cause problems if you work in a busy office or noisy environment.


  1. Delays

Just because these programs have been designed to speed work up, it doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from occasional mishaps. At times the software can take a moment to register what has been said. This can be frustrating for users not wanting to be interrupted in their flows of thought.


  1. Price

Typing is cheaper than using specialized transcription software. You do not need to purchase anything to type. On the other hand, a speech recognition application will cost you at least $50 and high-end software can touch $200-300.


  1. Compatibility

Before purchasing any particular program, please do check for compatibility with your computer’s OS and programs. Nothing is as simple as it looks!