Global World Means More Accents (3): Tackling the Challenges of Healthcare Documentation
14 February 2021

Global World Means More Accents (3): Tackling the Challenges of Healthcare Documentation

Medical transcription is an essential process in health care. In essence, healthcare documentation, done by transcriptionists by listening to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare workers make and converting them into written reports. 

Sometimes it may be done by speech recognition technology and save some time and resources. However, accents and mouth-full medical terms are a significant barrier to machines, and real human touch is necessary. 

Hiring transcription services like Go Transcript may help hit two birds with one stone for so many healthcare institutions! 

First, it saves time and money. For transcriptionists, which are not well trained and experienced, medical transcription can be confusing and time-consuming. Administrative assistance, if this duty, basically does two jobs for a single salary. Hiring a freelance transcriptionist or a trustworthy partner as Go Transcript, which specializes in medical transcriptions, may save up to 50% of the transcription cost. 

Second, putting business aside, the quality dimension in the global world is as much important. So many medical doctors migrate, or medical records have to go overseas. This may cause many challenges when locally employed medical staff have thick accents or received medical records that have mistakes of some other unclear parts. Highly-specialized transcriptionists that can address the complex content and accents would keep the high quality of medical records. 

We all have observed some migration of both doctors and patients during the COVID crisis. And the increased world load for medical staff! The transcription service we offer at Go Transcript will aid medical staff while they help us.