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Adding Subtitles to LinkedIn Videos: A User-Friendly Tutorial

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom Aug 28 · 28 Aug, 2023
Adding Subtitles to LinkedIn Videos: A User-Friendly Tutorial


It's undeniable that video content has become an integral part of professional communication. LinkedIn is a powerful platform for networking and showcasing expertise. This guide will walk you through adding subtitles to your LinkedIn videos, ensuring that your valuable content reaches a broader audience and leaves a lasting impact.


How to Add Subtitles to LinkedIn Videos


As the popularity of video content on LinkedIn grows, making these videos accessible to a broader audience becomes crucial. If you want all your professional content to contain subtitles, LinkedIn videos are a great place to start. Below are the steps to follow to successfully include subtitles to your LinkedIn content.


Step 1: Prepare Your Video and Subtitle File


Before you begin, ensure your video content is ready for upload to LinkedIn. It's essential to have a well-crafted video that aligns with your professional goals and showcases your expertise effectively.


Once your video is ready, creating a subtitle file comes next—formats like .SRT and .VTT are commonly used for subtitles. These files contain the text of your video's spoken content and time codes indicating when each subtitle should appear and disappear on the screen.


Step 2: Utilise LinkedIn's Native Subtitle Feature


LinkedIn understands the importance of accessibility and provides a native subtitle feature to facilitate the process. To access this feature, follow these steps:


  • Click on your profile picture and select "Post a Video."

  • Choose the video you want to upload from your device's library.

  • Once the video is uploaded, click on the "..." button below the video to reveal the dropdown menu.

  • From the dropdown menu, select "Edit Subtitles."

  • You will get a prompt to upload your subtitle file. Click on "Upload" and select the appropriate subtitle file.

  • After the file is uploaded, LinkedIn will automatically sync the subtitles with your video. You can then preview the subtitles to ensure everything appears as intended.


Step 3: Review and Edit Subtitles


After LinkedIn syncs your subtitles, reviewing them for accuracy is crucial. Automated captioning technology might not always be perfect, especially with technical terms or names. Carefully watch your video while reading the subtitles to ensure everything is correct. You can easily edit the subtitles directly within the LinkedIn editor if you spot any errors.


Step 4: Customise the Look and Feel


LinkedIn allows customization options for your subtitles, helping you maintain consistency with your brand identity. You can choose the font style, size, and color that aligns with your personal or business branding. Consistency in branding builds familiarity and reinforces your professional image.


Step 5: Save and Publish


Once you're satisfied with the accuracy and appearance of your subtitles, save your changes. LinkedIn will process the updated video with subtitles, and your user-friendly content is now ready to be shared with your connections and followers.


Benefits of Adding Subtitles to LinkedIn Videos


Now that you've learned how to add subtitles to your LinkedIn videos, let's explore the benefits of this user-friendly practice.


  • Enhanced Accessibility: When you add subtitles to LinkedIn videos, you ensure that a broader audience can enjoy and understand your video content, including those with hearing impairments or non-native English speakers.

  • Increased Engagement: Subtitles capture viewers' attention, increasing their likelihood of watching your entire video. Subtitles also make it easier for viewers to follow along and grasp key points, which can lead to higher engagement rates.

  • Improved Comprehension: Some viewers prefer to watch videos without sound due to their surroundings or personal preferences. Subtitles allow them to follow the content without missing any valuable information.

  • Better SEO and Discoverability: Subtitles improve the searchability of your videos on LinkedIn and other search engines, boosting your content's visibility and attracting more viewers.


In Summary


Adding subtitles to your LinkedIn videos is a simple yet powerful way to enhance accessibility, engagement, and comprehension. Following this user-friendly tutorial can make your video content more inclusive, reach a wider audience, and leave a lasting impression on your professional network. So, take advantage of LinkedIn's native subtitle feature and make your mark in the digital realm with compelling, accessible video content.