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Benefits of Speech Transcription.

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Jan 15 · 17 Jan, 2016
Benefits of Speech Transcription.

If you're a dedicated businessperson, you must have tons of audio recordings from important meetings, interviews, and podcasts. These tapes are of great value - they help you share information with your clients and attract new customers! However, transcribing your recorded material is sometimes more than necessary. So, why transcribe? Read on to get a detailed answer to this question.

Make Your Content Accessible to Different Audiences

Transcribing informative audio content lets your clients know that your company cares about them. Transcripts make it easier to communicate with your customers! Instead of having a hard time understanding important info because of heavy accents, people can read it! Once your recordings are properly transcribed, your content becomes accessible to a larger audience. 

Furthermore, transcripts are a great way to tell the hard-of-hearing about your corporation's services. People with hearing impairments will most likely ignore your message if there isn't a text version of it. To avoid losing clients and make your company inclusive, transcribe your audio files! This will give you the competitive advantage you've always dreamt about!

Boost Your SEO

Hiring professionals to transcribe your corporation's audios will boost your SEO ranking. By getting your content transcribed, you'll make your files searchable! Google, Bing, and other search engines don't usually have audio content on their first pages. However, search engines will crawl and index the transcripts of your files, which will significantly boost your ranking in the results!

The internet is a powerful tool that businesses can use to their advantage, and it all starts with enhancing your SEO. Once you get your company's audio content transcribed and available online, more people will be able to read about your products and services. In other words, your family of loyal customers will start to grow!

Spread the Word About Your Business in Different Ways

Transcribing files is sometimes the best way to extend your company's reach. Not only will you rank better on Google, but you'll also let your customers know about what your corporation has to offer in myriad ways! From e-books and papers to manuals and articles, you can spread the word about your offers however you want!

Furthermore, you can also turn your transcripts into Word and PDF documents and print them out whenever necessary. While audio content usually takes longer to send online, sending text files to people is easy! Also, those who'll find the information that you've shared helpful will be able to reshare it with others easily!

Make Your Content Accessible Anywhere and Anytime

Why transcribe podcasts? Because we often find ourselves in situations where we can't listen to audio. For example, playing a podcast in a library will disturb the people there! Also, it's almost impossible to understand what an interview is about while you're on a crowded train. In times like these, transcripts are super handy.

Other times, we prefer reading texts instead of listening to recordings. For instance, some of your customers might have had a busy day and would like to read about your business in silence! To put things into perspective, transcription provides flexibility and lets everyone who'd like to know more about your corporation learn about it anytime.

Motivate More People to Share Your Content

The number of articles being shared on social media platforms is constantly increasing. That said, if you want more people to hear about your company's latest products and services, you should post about it on platforms like Instagram and Twitter! Needless to say, it's best if you share the transcriptions of your audios!

Since social media is all about sharing different content, you can expect people to repost your transcripts and let others know about them. In other words, you'll see a lot of folks advertising your business voluntarily and for free! Also, with transcripts, there's no risk of your content being misquoted or misunderstood, which is another significant advantage.

If You're a Student, Get Better Grades

If you're still studying, lecture transcripts can help you get better grades. Instead of struggling to take notes as your professors jump from one topic to another, record your lectures and get them transcribed! By doing that, you won't have to worry about not being able to write down essential info again!

You can also lend the transcripts of your lectures to classmates. This way, they won't fail the exams even if they have to miss a few days of college! Many great business plans have originated in the classrooms of colleges and universities. With transcription, you can study easier and become a great businessperson one day!

More Benefits of Transcription 

Apart from the advantages we already mentioned, transcription can also help you in other ways. For example, video creators can get more likes and subscribers thanks to the subtitles included in their videos. This is super important for YouTubers and those who make a living by uploading content online - it is the essence of their businesses!

Furthermore, it's easier to search for a piece of information in a transcript than to find it in an audio file. That said, transcripts can save both your time and effort! After all, no one likes going through multiple recordings to hear a specific phrase when they can read it in a well-formatted document!