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Benefits of Transcriptions, Part 1

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Oct 8 · 9 Oct, 2021
Benefits of Transcriptions, Part 1

Various forms of content, whether it's audio, text, or video, have their benefits. In this blog entry, we would like to look at the benefits of text by looking at a few examples of how transcription found an essential role in human culture. 

We daily use transcriptions to store, browse and share information. It is easy to use by finding the needed parts in seconds, marking what's important, and even writing down some personal notes. 

So what are some of the uses we all appreciate daily? 

1. Speeches

Hearing a speech is excellent. Reading it afterward as many times as we like is terrific! No matter what the reasons are. It could be to analyze political statements or get some daily inspiration. Speeches move hearts and souls. They are essential as a whole, or just some parts of it, and transcriptions enable us to easily access whatever sentence of a paragraph is of our interest. 

Moreover, people with hearing impairments can read the speech transcripts and access the ideas shared or emotions expressed. 

2. Documentation

Telehealth, court hearings, board or investor meetings: These occasions have long-lasting value and often need to be accessed quickly to find the required bits. Therefore, transcriptions greatly aid healthcare professionals, judges, lawyers, investors, and others. 

Furthermore, this can be translated to other languages, making transcriptions of even higher value in the global world. 

Document the meetings, and don't get lost in hours and hours of audio tracks, where only a few seconds can be of a significant difference. 

3. Captions

Captions first are made as transcripts. Benefits and applications are plenty! Movies in cinemas, social media content, etc., all need them for better comprehension and to watch the video without audio. 

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