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Benefits of Transcriptions (Part 2)

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Nov 1 · 1 Nov, 2021
Benefits of Transcriptions (Part 2)

Transcription is not some magical phenomenon people rarely face. It is being used daily and for multiple applications; we sometimes may not think about it. For example, in part 1, we have covered such applications as transcribing speeches, documenting audio tracks, and using the transcriptions for captions. 

In this entry of our blog series, we are to look into some additional applications we may find use in. 

1. Research 

Researchers may use the transcriptions for multiple purposes in their analysis. One of the most widespread applications would be transcribing interviews or focus groups discussions. In that case, researchers can read, analyze and structure inputs with ease while browsing the text. They can highlight, comment or mark in any other ways some statements or words of the importance of the success of the research. The bottom line, transcriptions make their work very easy. However, having multiple interviews of focus groups is a massive workload to transcribe afterward. GoTranscript is always there to provide accurate and affordable transcription services for any budget. We would be more than happy to be a part of some excellent research! 

2. Studying 

Studying is similar to research as a student has to go through a large body of information, comprehend it, and feel comfortable reviewing or browsing it. Writing down notes in classes can be challenging because of the tremendous pace of the class or the great complexity of the content covered. Therefore, transcribing the lecture is of interest to the students, and the school may provide it, or students can collaborate to have the transcription. Whether it is an audio class, a webinar, or anything else that had an audio recording, transcription would benefit everyone in the class. 

GoTranscript is always ready to help save funds and effort for academic success! Especially as many students prefer a written account of the lectures because certain subjects are better understood by reading. It is easier for students to search for ideas if a class is transcribed, especially when revisiting.

3. AI training 

Have you ever wondered how AI turns out to be relatively accurate to understand spoken words and provide an adequate reaction? This technology marvel starts with a high-quality transcription! Many audio tracks have to be transcribed to help the AI make sense of the spoken word and accurately guess what has been said. This makes transcriptions yet again a champion of making our daily lives better.