Can Transcriptions and Captions Help to Learn Anytime, Anywhere?
4 January 2021

Can Transcriptions and Captions Help to Learn Anytime, Anywhere?

Yes! Let’s look at both sides: learning from a transcribed text and learning from visual materials with captions. Technology is at hand, and we may use our smartphones or tablets anytime we have a spare moment, anywhere. Just choose the format, and that works best. 

For example, the audio is excellent. One can listen to a class as to a podcast; if the content has a video to it, great! A student can watch it with ease, especially if it has captions. Therefore, it would be easier to follow the content, remember it, or evenly listen without the audio track! On the other hand, some may find watching or listening to class time-consuming. Having the transcribed text, one can swiftly read through and highlight important parts of the text, both on paper and digitally. 

On top of that, by having transcriptions of the lessons, one may revisit the learning material or make a comprehensive summary of various immediate and future uses. The transcribed text is easily searchable. Therefore one can identify the relevant information much quicker. 

Having notes from classes, conferences, webinars of seminars is good. We can get the taste of it and learn some ideas we have an interest in. In the academic background, this may not suffice, though. There may be details, sub-topics, and many more little details that one may find of great importance. Suppose the organizers record audio of the event. In that case, such service providers as Go Transcript may produce a transcription that would not break the bank and be easy to disseminate and contribute to students' or professionals' knowledge and success in their trades. 

The transcriptions and captions are extremely handy if the event is filmed and is of great value for many people if published online. These are both a learning opportunity for the viewers and a prospective public image enhancement for the hosting organization. We all know that videos having captions attract many more viewers for increased ease of understanding and comprehension by its audience.  Also, one can watch it anytime and anywhere! 

Technology and the opportunities within are no longer something exciting or some motivating factor in studying and teaching. It is a necessity, an industry standard. Technology applications must be a part of teaching. Therefore, it may happen everywhere and any time with the transcriptions or captions for ease and accessibility.