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Data Security in Transcriptions

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Sep 4 · 6 Sep, 2021
Data Security in Transcriptions

Data and information safety is of utmost importance to any business, research, or public service provision. Personal data of various kinds of business information are valuable in the age of information. Any leak may cause some serious issues or even financial and reputational losses. Fortunately, this is becoming a significant point of focus in general regulation, research ethics, etc. Despite all the advantages once the data is managed and stored securely, it adds some additional effort in ensuring the delivery of top security. 

In GoTranscript, we take this issue extremely seriously. We work with healthcare, legal, research, and business entities applying the most robust standards in their data management. We use no less lenient standards. 

It all starts with selecting the right staff to deliver transcriptions securely. We thoroughly investigate the skills and execute background checks to identify any future issues in the selection process. Then we sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality. 

Besides careful selection of our transcribers and editors, we employ a robust process in ensuring secure transcriptions. 

  1. Careful handling of data

After submission of an audio track, it is divided into smaller parts of 6 mins each. This ensures that no transcriber has full access to the entire file. Therefore it is much less likely to identify sensitive information and collect it in a form that could be used afterward. A single transcriber works on a single piece of data. Only identified insider individuals have access to the entire file, who are long-term trusted employees.  

  1. No data download

To ensure the secure handling of the file, transcribers do not download the file to their computers. The audio track is streamed from GoTranscript’s database. Our interface and approach enable accurate and secure transcription service provision. 

  1. We keep nothing

We monitor how the transcribers use the data by tracking the activity of the transcriber. Being sure that no data breach has been committed, we permanently delete the file from our system. 

We take data security seriously in the transcription and translation business. Therefore, we apply the top standard there’s in our target markets.