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Do You Host Webinars? Here's How to Get Webinar Transcripts

Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen
Posted in Zoom Jul 11 · 11 Jul, 2020
Do You Host Webinars? Here's How to Get Webinar Transcripts

As online interactions have grown over the years, webinars have become a popular way of hosting events that can include audiences from around the world. Webinars usually take the form of a virtual conference, class, training, or session, and often include video and voice or text chat interactions between the host and attendees. This makes it convenient for participants to ask questions and share ideas or comments. You might host a webinar training for new employees in your workplace, or create a webinar series of classes on a topic you're knowledgeable in.

And just like many in-person seminars will leave you with materials to look over after the fact, a professional webinar host will provide attendees with a transcript of the event after it wraps up. This allows everyone to review the information in text form and makes it accessible to people with hearing problems.

How to Get a Webinar Transcript

So how do you go about easily obtaining a professional and accurate webinar transcript? One quick way to make this happen is to take advantage of online webinar transcription services. Sure, you can type it all up yourself, but sending it to a professional will likely get you a cleaner product more speedily, saving you a generous chunk of time and effort. Here are some simple steps that will help you obtain a flawless webinar transcript from somewhere like

Record Your Webinar as It Happens

The first thing you will need is a clear recording of the audio of your webinar. Most webinar software includes a function that helps you do this. The cleaner the audio of your recording is, the more accurate your webinar transcript will be. You can record the audio alone, or you can record a visual of the screen as well. Many webinars include slides with valuable information or video capture of participants as they interact and contribute to the webinar.

Upload and Send Your Webinar Recording

Now that you've recorded your webinar, you can either send the file to one of the webinar transcription services such as GoTranscript or upload the recording to a website like Youtube and share the link to the video. Again, make sure that the audio of your recording is clear and easy to understand so that your webinar transcription will be accurate. It's likely someone will be listening to the audio and manually transcribing it to text form, so if you can't understand what's being said in your recording, they probably won't either. 

Optional Additional Webinar Transcription Services

Many online webinar transcription services will provide you with different options regarding your webinar transcription style and formatting. Timestamping and verbatim styles are a couple of examples. Timestamping will include the hours, minutes, and seconds that have passed as the recording progresses (usually shows up in the format of [00:20:18], and different verbatim styles will either include or exclude certain utterances, like stammers and filler words. What services you choose will depend on how you want your webinar transcript to look and how you'll be using it. Some webinar transcription services also offer to deliver your webinar transcription faster for a small fee.

Payment and Delivery

Once you have sent your recording as a file or a link and selected the additional services you want, it will be time to pay for the webinar transcription service. Your webinar transcript will be sent to you in a matter of days, usually through email, at which point you can share it wherever you would like. You can send it to the webinar participants, post it online, or keep it for personal use.

How to Utilize Your Webinar Transcripts

Once you have your hands on your webinar transcript, you can put it to many uses. Participants will likely want a copy to review the content that was shared during the webinar. If your webinar is part of a series, you can reference the transcript to easily remember what you've gone over and what others contributed. Posting the transcript (or portions of it) online to your blog or website can serve as a sneak peek into the work you do through your webinars. These transcripts are an excellent tool to provide a professional and thorough experience of your webinar.