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Easily Convert a Voice Recording to Text Online

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom May 2 · 2 May, 2020
Easily Convert a Voice Recording to Text Online

You probably have heard of audio transcription or converting voice recordings to text before, but why is it important, and how would one go about doing it? In this day and age, most of us find ourselves living in an online universe. We spend a large chunk of our day watching interviews, TV shows, the news, and other content on the internet.

However, the demand for long-form, written work is just as high, if not more, than before. The only difference is that now so many things are happening through videos, podcasts, and other auditory formats. That's where converting voice recordings to text comes in. Transcription is used in various settings, including legal proceedings, small and large-scale businesses, broadcasting and interviews, and the entertainment world. In this article we'll cover two ways you could convert a voice recording to text online.

AI Transcription Services 

Some AI transcription options include online dictation software or automated video and audio transcription. Online dictation software works only for real-time audio recordings that have very little background noise and clear speech. While you talk, the software utilizes speech recognition to convert the voice recording to text immediately. It is convenient, quick, and in most cases, free. It allows you to write emails, work documents, and make memos without lifting a finger. More often than not, the transcription is considerably accurate, and since it is all happening in real-time, it is efficient and quick.  

With automated video and audio transcription, you can upload both video and audio files, and it doesn't have to be real-time. It is much like having a person listen and transcribe your work into hard-copy or written form. The only difference is that these AI-based transcription services are less formal than human transcription services, and definitely a lot less precise. However, they are cheaper, faster, and more straightforward to use, and if your audio is perfect, you can expect a reasonably accurate transcription of your recording. 

Human Transcription Services 

Human transcriptions services usually come in the form of online audio transcription services like GoTranscript that hire professional transcribers to carefully listen and convert recording to text. GoTranscript offers a voice recorder and transcription app so you can conveniently transcribe your work on the go. They're a reliable online service where you can send any form of auditory content and have it transcribed with 99% accuracy (or higher).

With human transcription services like GoTranscript, you will get quality transcriptions with minimal to no errors. Despite a possibly higher cost, the time you will save, and the ease of the experience might just be worth it. Furthermore, since you're working with people and not a machine, you can make specifications that align with your needs and preferences, whether you want full verbatim or clean verbatim, et cetera.

Many AI transcription services are only useful for audio files with minimal background noise and clear and relatively slow dictation without strong accents and background noise. AI services still have a long way to go before coming close to understanding and catching on to context, tone of voice, and other subtle cues. Contrastingly, with a human transcription service, all those issues go away. You can have audio and video files transcribed with accuracy and thoughtfulness. Even with poor recording quality, heavy accents, background noise, and people talking over each other, no detail will go unnoticed. 

Which is Better?

All in all, both types of transcription services feature unique pros and cons. AI transcription services are cheaper and faster. Some are even completely free. However, you will probably have to invest time and effort into editing the transcription and correcting the errors. An AI service is a lot less likely to be tailored to your needs. As mentioned before, the output quality of an AI service is still a long way off from what a human transcription service will give you.

GoTranscript, for example, employs a global team of over 20,000 expert transcribers and translators. AI services obviously can't compete with that, but what they do offer is convenience and speed. With that said, even if human transcription services have a higher cost and might take longer, with more back and forth between client and transcriber, you'll get a transcription that's accurate and tailored to your specific needs.

With all things considered, human-powered services still offer a more efficient and stress-free solution when it comes to converting recording to text. With 15 years of experience under their belt, GoTranscript guarantees 99% accuracy along with competitive prices and discounts. They also offer a free trial, so you can check the quality of their services before reaching for your credit card!