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Funny Translations People See While Traveling

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Mar 27 · 29 Mar, 2021
Funny Translations People See While Traveling

The team of Go Transcript used to travel a lot, especially for our leisure. As for March of 2021, not so much anymore. Hopefully, we will hit the road sometime, very soon! Meanwhile, let’s remember all the exotic translations we can find in airports, restaurants, and many other places while traveling! 

And try to think what was the original intended meaning. 


  • Eating carpet strictly prohibited
  • Due to happenstance beyond our control this elevator is so broken
  • High Maintenance Chick Salon
  • Dead slow children playing
  • Sale of chicken murder
  • Syrian paralysis cheese
  • For a proper service, please turn on the vacuum cleaner while using the shower. Thank you. 
  • Than “Q” for not smoking
  • Anyone obeying the swimming pool regulations may be required to leave
  • Lamp meat
  • Please do not drop butt in the toilet bowl
  • Broccoli salad with pee shots and salted almonds
  • To arrival hole

We can’t wait to start traveling again and see some more of those!