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GoTranscript Enterprise accounts - Collaboration Made Easy

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Nov 29 · 30 Nov, 2022
GoTranscript Enterprise accounts - Collaboration Made Easy

In recent years, we've seen countless services that allow users to create and manage teams, set permissions, access levels, and more. This model makes management, collaboration, and billing significantly easier for everyone involved. It streamlines the workflow for the entire team and helps members avoid bottlenecks.

What Are GoTranscript Enterprise Accounts?

GoTranscript now offers a very similar option with enterprise accounts. Simply by setting up a group page and adding your team members, you can easily monitor and manage orders, share funds and guidelines between all users, create spending limits for each team member, and more.

This approach vastly improves team coordination and makes collaboration significantly easier. Here are some of the key benefits of GoTranscript enterprise accounts:

  • Optimized ordering

Only the account admin can deposit funds to the shared account. However, with all team members having access to it, the ordering process becomes a lot more transparent, improving team coordination and saving time. The admin can also create spending limits for each team member.

  • Consolidated billing

With the whole team under a single account, account admins get a clear overview of all orders, spending for each team member, and more. The best part? There's only one bill to pay. More importantly, these accounts share everything, including loyalty discounts, which can pay off tremendously in the long run!

  • Simplified sharing

All members of the team can see completed orders and account guidelines. Since there's no need to share additional files outside of GoTranscript, the team can save time and stay productive.

  • Dedicated account managers

As the single point of contact between your team and GoTranscript, dedicated account managers understand your needs and handle internal processes on your behalf. They're always ready to help and ensure everyone is on the same page.

As you can see, these shared accounts bring quite a few benefits to the table. The best of all is that it does not cost anything. If you start before december 31st, you can claim your free 6 months of using an enterprise account.

Who Can Benefit From GoTranscript Enterprise Accounts?

If you have more than one account on GoTranscript, our team accounts can help you save time and money. We created this feature with users who have multiple accounts in mind. The purpose is to help companies, institutions, and other groups get the most out of our platform.

If your team works in different offices, has remote members, occasional external associates, or you simply share a single account with others for whatever reason - GoTranscript enterprise accounts are for you!

Final Thoughts

GoTranscript company-level accounts are just another way for us to ensure we offer the best, most efficient experience for our clients. They can help teams get their work done faster and more efficiently while also making the most of everything our platform has to offer. If you're interested in using GoTranscript enterprise accounts, click here to book a meeting with our sales department, or get in touch with us via email by using the button below!