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GoTranscript Review: Pros, Cons, and User Experiences

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom Feb 6 · 7 Feb, 2024
GoTranscript Review: Pros, Cons, and User Experiences

GoTranscript, a UK-based company, has been offering professional transcription services since its inception in 2005. With a global team of thousands of professional transcribers, the company prides itself on delivering high-quality transcriptions with one of the industry's best accuracy rates. Catering to a global clientele, GoTranscript supports a wide range of file formats and offers services in multiple languages.

Pros of GoTranscript

High Accuracy Rates: One of the most praised aspects of GoTranscript is its commitment to accuracy. The company boasts an impressive 99% accuracy rate, thanks to its team of professional transcribers who are skilled in handling diverse accents and terminologies.

Affordable Pricing: GoTranscript offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Their transparent pricing model is based on the length of the audio file and the turnaround time, making it accessible for users with varying budgets.

Wide Language Support: The service supports transcriptions in multiple languages, which is a boon for users dealing with international content. This multilingual support makes GoTranscript a go-to choice for global businesses and researchers.

Customizable Turnaround Times: Depending on the urgency, clients can choose from several turnaround options, including standard and expedited services. This flexibility allows users to balance their budget and deadlines effectively.

Cons of GoTranscript

Occasional Inconsistencies: While the overall accuracy is high, some users have reported occasional inconsistencies in transcription quality, especially with highly technical or jargon-heavy content. This issue seems more prevalent in files with poor audio quality or strong accents.

Website Navigation: A few users have mentioned that navigating the GoTranscript website can be challenging at times, especially when trying to find specific information about services or pricing.

User Experiences

To provide a well-rounded review, we gathered testimonials from various types of GoTranscript users:

Academic Researcher: "I've been using GoTranscript for my research interviews, and the accuracy has been phenomenal. It saved me countless hours of manual transcription. However, I did have to request revisions a couple of times for some technical terms."

Legal Professional: "The confidentiality and accuracy offered by GoTranscript have been critical for our legal transcriptions. The secure handling of sensitive information gives us peace of mind."

Podcast Producer: "As a podcast producer, the multilingual transcription service has allowed us to reach a wider audience. The turnaround times are fantastic, but I wish the website was a bit more user-friendly."

Marketing Specialist: "We use GoTranscript for transcribing our marketing webinars and interviews. The service has been reliable, and the ability to choose turnaround times is a great feature. However, we've experienced a few inconsistencies in quality, which were promptly addressed upon request."


GoTranscript stands out for its accuracy, affordability, and wide language support, making it an excellent choice for various transcription needs. While there are some areas for improvement, such as website navigation and occasional inconsistencies in transcription quality, the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and its corrective measures for any issues highlight its dedication to quality service. Whether you're a researcher, a legal professional, or a content creator, GoTranscript offers a reliable and efficient solution for your transcription needs, backed by positive user experiences and flexible service options.