Free Online Transcription Tool for Transcribers | GoTranscript
19 July 2016

Free Online Transcription Tool for Transcribers | GoTranscript

If you have ever tried transcribing audio or video files like lectures, speeches, phone calls, meetings, or interviews, you know that this task is quite demanding, tedious, and tiring. As a professional transcriber, I have been searching for a good transcribing tool for quite a long time. A tool called GoTranscript has met all my expectations, as it was especially created to facilitate the transcription process.

This tool is browser-based, so you won’t need to install anything – just simply open the link and you’re ready to go. I love how convenient it is in comparison to the traditional way of transcribing: there’s no need to open any extra documents, to switch between the audio file and your document, or to timestamp by hand.

The best thing is that you don’t need to pay anyone: that’s because our transcription software is free and you can do everything by yourself without the need to hire a professional transcriber.

Benefits of Using GoTranscript's Online Transcription Tool

Working with GoTranscript will increase your efficiency quite a lot. No wonder: all the things that you need are contained in one window, including the audio file. As you might know, jumping through different windows can be distracting, so staying in a single page will prevent you from checking your Facebook account every 2 minutes.

All you need to do is opening your browser and going to the tool’s website: As simple as that! Now you are ready to open your audio file in order to start transcribing: just simply press the button Select Audio/Video and choose the file from your computer. It will appear above the text box instantly!


Before you start transcribing, you should get to know all the helpful features. One of the most important things is the automatic transcription saving every 30 seconds. This means that there can be no worries even if you accidentally close the window or experience a power outage.

The tool will automatically stop the recording while you type. You can choose to cancel this feature, even though I hardly imagine my work without it. You can also stop/play the recording by pressing the ESCAPE button on your keyboard.

There are also lots of features regarding the playing process itself. By pressing F1 you will skip back by 2 seconds, and pressing F2 will jump 2 seconds forward. F3 will make the audio slower, and F4 will make it play faster. By the way, you can edit the amount of skipped seconds by clicking on the Settings icon on your window at the right of the recording.

By using GoTranscript tool, you won’t need to timestamp by hand anymore. Pressing CTRL+J will automatically add a note with the exact time written in it. If you press CTRL+K, the timestamp will include the word “inaudible” (you can use it when you can’t hear anything because of the background noise), and CTRL+L will mark it as “unintelligible” if you don’t understand something because of the speaker’s accent or the way of speaking.

Pressing CTRL+1, CTRL+2, etc. will automatically add the speaker to your document (for example, “speaker 1”). You can also edit the names of the speakers. What is more, you can use CTRL+B and CTRL+I to mark the text in bold or italics. There is a possibility to edit all the shortcuts in the Settings section if you feel the need.

After you have finished your work, you can download the document in DOCX format. All the formatting will be held in place, and GoTranscript template will be used.


If you have doubts about the privacy of your documents, don’t worry. The audio and text files are stored in your computer during the transcription process, and you can be sure that no third-parties have access to them.