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GoTranscript vs. Happy Scribe

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Mar 27 · 30 Mar, 2023
GoTranscript vs. Happy Scribe

Transcription services are valuable for businesses, students, and professionals. They can help you convert your audio or video recordings into written text in no time, which is a great way to improve the accessibility and shareability of your content. 

With so many transcription services available on the market today, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this article, we'll compare GoTranscript and Happy Scribe, two popular transcription services, and help you decide which suits you.


GoTranscript is a professional, 100% human-generated transcription service offering accurate, affordable, fast transcription services. The company has a team of over 9,000 professional transcriptionists experienced in transcribing a wide range of content, from interviews and podcasts to academic lectures and business meetings.

GoTranscript offers various transcription services, including verbatim and time-stamped transcription, captions, and subtitles.

Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe, on the other hand, is a transcription and subtitling service that uses AI-powered technology to transcribe your audio and video content. They offer various services, including automated transcription, manual transcription, and subtitling. They are known to be accurate, fast, affordable and provide a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to upload and manage transcription projects.

Comparing GoTranscript to Happy Scribe

So, how do these two transcription services compare? Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of each service.

Pros of Using GoTranscript

  • High accuracy: GoTranscript has a team of highly experienced transcriptionists, so you can expect high accuracy when you use their services. They guarantee you 99% accuracy in your transcriptions.

  • Fast turnaround times: GoTranscript offers turnaround times as fast as 6 hours for some projects, making them a great option if you need your transcripts quickly.

  • Affordable pricing: GoTranscript offers competitive pricing for its transcription services, making it an excellent option for businesses, students, and professionals on a budget. Transcription rates start from as low as $ 0.84 per minute!

  • Wide range of services: GoTranscript offers various transcription services, including verbatim transcription, time-stamped transcription, translation, captions, and subtitles, making them a versatile option for a wide range of content.


  • Short free trial period: GoTranscript offers a free 5-minute trial period, meaning you'll need to pay for their services upfront for the first task.

  • No AI transcription: Unlike Happy Scribe, GoTranscript doesn't offer an automated transcription option, meaning all transcription work is done manually.

Pros of Using Happy Scribe

  • AI-powered transcription: Happy Scribe uses AI-powered technology to transcribe your audio and video content, which means you can get your transcripts back quickly and at a lower cost than manual transcription services.

  • User-friendly interface: Happy Scribe has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to upload and manage your transcription projects, even if you don't have any prior experience with transcription.

  • Multiple language support: Happy Scribe supports over 119 languages, making it an excellent option for businesses and professionals working on multilingual content.


  • Lower accuracy: While Happy Scribe claims to be highly accurate, their automated transcription technology can still produce errors. So you may need to spend additional time editing and proofreading your transcripts.

  • Limited services: Happy Scribe offers a limited range of services compared to GoTranscript, which means that they may not be the best option for all types of transcription work.

Your Preferred Transcriber

While both GoTranscript and Happy Scribe have their unique strengths, GoTranscript stands out as the best option for businesses, students, and professionals who value accuracy and quality above all else.