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GoTranscript vs. Rev

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Posted in Zoom May 3 · 3 May, 2023
GoTranscript vs. Rev

Transcription is the conversion of audio or video recordings into written text. Transcription services have become more prominent as virtual meetings have become a norm. Most people find written text easier to review and store long-term, especially when dealing with numerous meetings.

Additionally, the written text allows you to search for keywords or highlight key information instead of spending hours listening to recordings, among other perks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Transcription Company

GoTranscript and Rev are two of the leading companies dealing with transcription services. When deciding between the two, there are several factors to consider depending on where individual strengths lie.


GoTranscript relies mainly on human transcription and has a four-level step check system to ensure the most accurate transcriptions for their clients, currently scoring 99% accuracy.

Rev gives the option of human or automated transcription. Unlike computers, human transcription tends to have higher accuracy rates as people can easily decipher accents within a speech.

Pricing of Services

For verbatim audio transcription, GoTranscript charges $0.84 per minute of recording, while Rev $1.50 per minute for the same. Added features to the transcription are charged separately per minute by both companies.

In the case of video transcription, GoTranscript charges their clients $1.09 per minute, whereas Rev charges $1.50 per minute for the same. Overall, GoTranscript charges are more pocket friendly.

Turnaround Time

GoTranscript boasts a fast turnaround time that ranges from 2 to 6 hours for files under 30 minutes. Rev’s time, on the other hand, ranges from 2 to 8 hours for a similar recording. The GoTranscript turnaround time is impressive, given that their services rely on human transcription.

User Experience

Typically, the end-user experience on any website should be simplified enough for users to upload, navigate and download when required. GoTranscript and Rev's websites provide two to four drop-down menus allowing more options for access on one page.

Rev and GoTranscript work well with the common file formats. Additionally, GoTranscript has updated its website, introducing sidebars and hypertexts for better legibility.

Transcription Quality

Most times, the determinant of transcription quality is the unique features different companies offer, e.g., proofreading, captioning, subtitles, and translation.

GoTranscript offers free proofreading as they heavily rely on human transcription, while Rev does not. GoTranscript offers translation in over 60 foreign languages, while Rev gives slightly over 20 foreign language translations.

Security and Privacy

GoTranscript ensures maximum security and privacy of client files by separating recordings into smaller files and sending them to different transcriptionists. This way, no person can access a client's entire audio or video. In addition, GoTranscript also achieved HIPAA compliance by having its employees sign confidentiality agreements. 

Rev ensures security and privacy by having staff sign NDAs and confidentiality agreements.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

According to reviews, clients at GoTranscript are generally happy and satisfied with the quality of the transcription services. Meanwhile, Rev has mixed reviews as some of their clients are dissatisfied. The complaints range from turnaround time longer than advertised, too many errors, and poor customer support.


If you're looking for reliable transcription and translation services, GoTranscript is your safest bet. This company has more affordable prices and offers more value for money, especially given the pleasant customer feedback.