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Guide on How to Make your Podcast Rank Higher

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Posted in Zoom Feb 26 · 28 Feb, 2021
Guide on How to Make your Podcast Rank Higher

In our blog entry on Guide on How to Improve SEO with Podcast Transcriptions, we have covered some necessary simple steps to make your podcast more comfortable to discover on the internet using Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, there are some more tricks on how to make your effort more attractive to potential listeners. 

In this blog entry, we will share some tips on how to make your podcast rank higher. Don’t forget that using SEO will increase your podcast’s success enormously in gaining more visibility and reach! 

Making your podcast SEO friendly will take five main steps: 

1. Knowing what’s trending

Have a broad topic in mind? Write a related word in Google and see the search results. On the top, you will see the articles or news (and their titles) that will indicate what people now have the most significant interest in. The trends may change, but if you cover some professional, for example, tech-related topics, interest in it won’t fade away in a few hours. 

Then look for related questions people have on the topic. You can use Google or some SEO-related tools to check the most asked questions related to topics you are exploring to cover in your podcast. Make good use of it. 

2. Speaking clearly

Not everyone has a radio voice. Yet every podcast host should be conscious of how they speak and take talking speed, clarity (or mumbling), tone, and voice volume seriously. Comprehensible articulation will be very appreciated by the listeners and make the transcript effort easier, and most likely, the text itself will be more engaging to read. 

3. Transcribing, transcribing, transcribing

Transcribing is a very tedious task. One hour of audio makes up to four hours of transcription effort! Don’t miss the chance to check on what Go Transcript has to offer. And don’t overlook the influence of transcription on having your podcast ranked higher and websites easier to discover on the internet! 

4. Structuring the podcast well 

Can you make your podcast divided into chapters? It is an excellent aid to your listeners to help them navigate your content! You can also provide them the time markers where each part is. 

On top of that, the table of content helps you to use the keywords in the podcast’s description you may be using in your webpage. Additionally, this planning exercise will help you to structure the podcast better and increase its quality. 

If you are doing an interview, time-marking the questions is a good tip! 

5. Summarising your podcast

Besides transcription, the summary is another excellent way to increase the SEO of the webpage you have published your podcast at. 

From the listener's perspective, you present them what the podcast is all about, and you may have some listeners who have a genuine interest in what you have to share.

However, this does not mean that the transcription has to go. You should better have it nonetheless!