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Hints on How to Achieve Crisp Audio Quality for Your Podcast or an Interview

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom Aug 24 · 27 Aug, 2021
Hints on How to Achieve Crisp Audio Quality for Your Podcast or an Interview

Sound quality may ruin a lot. For example, we all have seen a video on Youtube, which is visually extremely pleasing and the plot catches our attention. Or would catch if not the sound quality. Bad sound makes the best efforts look unprofessional and cause unpleasant experiences.

There, sound quality is important everywhere. This could be a podcast, an interview; whatever content it is that will be used repeatedly or publicly disseminated.

Good sound quality makes it a better experience for the listeners and better prepared for transcribing for absolute text accuracy that may be used in research, SEO, and other applications. At GoTranscript we offer affordable and accurate transcription services for the most use for you. 

We want to share a few tips and tricks on how to make a pleasant listening experience and make the sound track ready for a crisp transcription. 

Check your surroundings

It may be a great story or a good emotion to record an interview or podcast in exciting and beautiful locations, especially if it is outdoors. Unfortunately, wind and other surrounding noises may not be offset by the most professional audio recording equipment. Instead, better choose somewhere indoors, with no unrelated noise. This may be a private room. Make sure there won’t be too many people that are unrelated to the activity: accidents may happen and ruin your effort. 

Quality equipment

Some manage to record decent sound quality with inexpensive microphones in their serene environment. Despite that, quality recording software and good microphones have no substitute. 


Each person should be close to the microphone.Meaning, a microphone per person is the best solution. If you use any other recording device, make sure it is placed appropriately for the top sound quality. Yet a microphone per person is the best solution during the  pandemic of COVID 19 given that you should keep a safe distance in between the participants. 


Preparedness makes us powerful. Know your equipment, know your topic and know your guest. Do the recording with a clear intention and think some steps in advance. This all will allow you to develop a flawless experience and will enable you to be on the top of things. Ultimately, this will give you confidence, which will make the recording of your voice clearer and transcription much easier.