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How Adding Subtitles to your Youtube Videos Can Get You More Views

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Posted in Zoom Dec 15 · 18 Dec, 2016
How Adding Subtitles to your Youtube Videos Can Get You More Views

Many Youtube content creators think that captioning their videos is enough to attract a wider audience. But is it really true? The truth is that a lot of users are non-native English speakers or can’t speak the language at all, and captions might not be enough to help with the comprehension. However, with the help of subtitles, everything is possible! It turns out that if you translate a video and add subtitles, it increases your views significantly.

What are the Exact Benefits of Subtitling?

Subtitles can be useful when it comes to Internet traffic. They will create the possibility to search for your videos in many different languages. This will significantly increase the popularity of your content. The fact that you will have the same content in many languages means that there will be more pages, inbound links, and keyword rankings. In other words, your video will be more likely to be noticed. Also, let’s not forget that subtitles in various languages are not very abundant, so it means that your videos will be popular with people from different countries. In other words, people will choose your content over a similar Youtube video that has no subtitles. As you can see, the benefits are endless for you and both the desktop and mobile device users all around the world.

Should You Translate Youtube Videos into English?

If your video is in another language than English, you should definitely translate it to get a much wider audience. The more languages, the better!

When Should You Add Captions?

Captions are needed when the speaker has a strong accent. This will help users understand what has been said. In addition, many people watch movies and TV shows to improve their English and use captions even in videos without strong accents. It helps them with the comprehension and makes them come back for more content.

Can an Auto-Caption Program be Helpful?

Turning on Youtube’s auto-captioning in the account settings is not very advisable as there might be a lot of inaccuracies, especially if you plan to live stream. You may try Dragon as it can be trained to recognize your own speech better as time goes on. However, the vocabulary should be held quite limited. The best way is to use the help of real professionals who can turn your video into flawless text transcriptions.

Subtitles and Captions Sample

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