How to Convert Audio Files with VLC Media Player

How to Convert Audio Files with VLC Media Player

VLC player is among the most used media players in the world. It is free, supports almost every media format available and packs a whole bunch of other useful features.

One of the often neglected features of VLC is its ability to convert media files. Not only can it convert just about any audio format, it can also extract audio from video files, which is very handy for transcription work. In this article, we’re going to be talking about how to convert WAV files to MP3.

WAV format files contain uncompressed audio and that may result in huge file sizes, depending on the length. MP3 is the most popular file format for audio. It uses specific compression methods that reduce the file size of the audio without losing significant quality of the recording.

For transcription purposes, MP3 is the most optimal choice, especially for long recordings. It will both reduce the size of the file and in turn reduce the uploading time, if you choose to upload it to our site for transcription.

The VLC version used in this article is 2.1.3. Let’s get started!

Step #1

Open the VLC player and navigate to Media – Convert/Save or press CTRL+R keyboard combination.

Step #2

After you open the conversion menu, click on the Add… button.

Step #2.1

Navigate to your WAV file that you want to convert to MP3 and press the Open button.

Your file will now be ready for conversion.

Step #3

Press the Convert/Save button on the lower part of the menu.


In the newly opened menu, select Audio – MP3 from the Profile submenu.

After selecting the correct profile, click on the Browse button and choose your destination folder and the name of the new MP3 file that will be created.

Step #5

Click the Start button to begin the conversion process.


After the conversion, your file should appear in the destination folder that you’ve selected in the previous step.

And that’s it! You have reduced the file size of your uncompressed WAV file and converted it to a much more transcription-friendly MP3 file.

In some cases, the file size reduction can reach almost 100%, so it is definitely an option worth considering.

VLC Media Player is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. You can download it from:

Watch our quick video tutorial:



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