How Outsourcing Transcriptions Can Help Your Business
2 February 2016

How Outsourcing Transcriptions Can Help Your Business

With transcription services being a rapidly growing industry, more and more businesses discover that using such services can very much cater to one’s specific needs. Here are 3 ways of how using transcriptions can contribute to the success of your business.

1. Cost-Effective

Whether your company is highly dependent on audio transcriptions or not, hiring a full-time or a part-time employee to solely focus on that one task sometimes might be, roughly put, a waste of money. Why? Well, you, most likely, will be paying that person a wage set in the work contract, which means that regardless of the amount of audio transcriptions completed per month, you will be paying the same amount of money. Therefore delegating such tasks to an independent provider means that you will be paying only for the length of the audio file.

In addition, when the transcriptionist working at your company does have responsibilities other than just audio transcriptions, you can never be sure that the final product of both of the tasks that he or she is responsible for will be in good quality. In other words, in a situation where the employee has to handle an urgent audio transcription while doing another task (coordinating a project, for instance), the quality of both may suffer if not handled properly.

2. Less Complicated

When relying on an in-house transcription specialist it should be kept in mind that there can always occur a situation where, in case your transcriptionist goes on holiday or sick-leave, you will need to find a replacement for your employee. That means conducting interviews, signing contracts, also running them through the company policies and sometimes even providing some training.

In any case, it might be a better idea to immediately outsource the transcriptions because you will be needing a replacement. For this reason a good solution would be fully or temporally outsourcing the workforce. Plus, this means that no contracts or agreements need to be signed with the service provider which definitely saves some time.

3. Other Advantages

Although in some cases it might take some time to find a good transcription service, it is much easier to change the service provider than firing and hiring an in-house transcriptionist. On top of that, when a good and reliable transcription service is finally discovered, you might actually end up receiving some benefits as a loyal customer. One example of such benefits can come in the form of discounts or other offers tailored specifically just for you.