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How to Convert a Zoom File to MP4

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Posted in Zoom Nov 18 · 20 Nov, 2023
How to Convert a Zoom File to MP4

How to Convert a Zoom File to MP4

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that connects people virtually through webinars, conferences, and online meetings. It allows the recording of sessions in numerous widely accepted formats. Converting Zoom files to MP4 enhances compatibility for easy access and sharing across various devices and platforms.

Zoom Recordings: Understanding the Default Formats

Zoom recording formats come in two ways: local and cloud recordings. Local recordings are standard in all Zoom accounts, while cloud recordings have a cost. Another difference between these is where the programs save them, with the first being on the computer and the second on an online cloud. In addition, the program saves these files in MP4, VTT, M3U, CC.VTT, M4A, and TXT formats. Files saved are audio/video, audio only, playlist, closed captioning text, and audio transcription text files.

Step-By-Step: Converting Your Zoom Recording to MP4

You can easily convert Zoom files to MP4 on Windows or Mac. Below, you'll find how to convert Zoom recordings to MP4 using various methods depending on the operating system of your choice.

Zoom Desktop Client

· This method uses a Zoom recording converter that automatically converts the file. First, locate "Meetings" on the Zoom interface.

· Select the "Recorded" option and choose the preferred recording.

· Under the complete meeting details, select the "Convert" option to initiate the process.

ZTscoder on Windows

· Locate the "Documents" folder where the Zoom program saves all the meetings on your computer.

· Select "Open With" by right-clicking and then click the "More Apps" option.

· Locate the "Look for another app on this PC" option.

· Follow the path C:\UsersName\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\bin.

· Click open on "zTscoder.exe" or "zTscoder."

Transcode on macOS

· Double-click the Zoom file of choice and click "Open With," then click on the "Transcode (By Default)" option.

· Press Command, Shift, and G simultaneously on the keyboard and go to Applications\\Contents\Frameworks\.

· Enable "All Applications" in the "Framework" folder and check "Always Open With."

· Finally, select the "" and open it.

Wondering where do Zoom recordings save on Mac? Or how to open Zoom recordings on Mac? Follow the path: /Users/[Username]/Documents/Zoom.

Tips for Ensuring High-Quality MP4 Conversions From Zoom

You can improve the quality of your Zoom files by using the appropriate settings. For example, you can set your video resolution to HD to obtain a 720p or 1080p image quality. As for ratio, you should select the 16:9 option to get a widescreen look of your recording.

Some extra tips include recording with an external camera and adjusting the lighting to an adequate amount. Make sure to record Zoom meetings locally, as doing this doesn't rely on the strength and stability of your internet connection.

Troubleshooting Common Zoom to MP4 Conversion Issues

Sometimes, things don't go to plan. When Zoom fails to convert the recording, do the following:

· Sign out of Zoom on the website and desktop applications.

· Restart your computer.

· Sign back into the Zoom app and try to convert the recording manually.

Managing and Sharing Your MP4 Zoom Recordings

The advantage of using Zoom recordings stored on the cloud is that you can easily share and download them anywhere. Click share on the recording page and adjust the sharing settings appropriately when doing this. During download, click the "Download" option on the recording page to initiate the file transfer automatically. You can also share MP4 Zoom recordings during a Zoom meeting in the following way:

· Sign into a Zoom desktop client and join a Zoom meeting.

· Click the "Share Screen" in the meeting controls, switch to the "Advanced" tab, and select "Video."

· Click "Share" and choose the video to share, then click the "Open" option.


Wondering how to save Zoom recordings as MP4? We've got you covered now with this article! Converting Zoom files to MP4 enhances accessibility as it makes the content within the recordings easily accessible to everyone. Additionally, it eases the sharing of information in compatible formats. Using the methods and tips outlined here, you should be well armed with the knowledge you need to properly save all your Zoom recordings.