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How to Upload a Video to YouTube Made Simple in Just 2 Steps

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Sep 4 · 7 Sep, 2022
How to Upload a Video to YouTube Made Simple in Just 2 Steps

Including people in one’s life has become imperative in modern society. People want others to notice and recognize the importance of someone’s actions or preferences. Public opinion has never seemed more important than today. To follow along, the pursuit of happiness became an obsession. 

The majority of people do it by making a profit, changing careers, or inventing new ones. Some get married and try to live a happily-ever-after fairytale. Others try to change their lives by finding or creating their dream jobs or traveling the world. Finally, there are those who are trying to change their personalities by doing something big or by following a new fad. 

The fact is that, for some reason, people feel the need to share all these seemingly important moments with the rest of the world. They accomplish that by recording the videos of all the life-changing experiences. The overall belief is that if an important moment in life is not shared with others on social media, it is as if it didn’t happen at all. 

One of the best social platforms for video content sharing is YouTube. It has more than 1.5 billion users and, thus, is an excellent place where you can upload your videos. If you choose to acquire new skills, build a community, and share knowledge, the best thing for it is to use the second most popular website in the world. YouTube is a superb place for marketing and self-promotion. 

Back in the days when YouTube only started to gain popularity, the content of the majority of videos was mainly entertaining. Nowadays, video creators continue to make funny and fun videos, but the content has also become educational. In fact, YouTube has become one of the leading educational platforms for learners of all ages. 

So, if you want to learn to do something new, whether it’s a new hobby or a new skill, you can certainly find a video tutorial on YouTube that will teach you how to do that. For example, you may learn how to make your favorite dish, improve your language skills, learn to code, use Word or Excel, or even master knitting skills. YouTube is the right place for it. 

If you want to become a YouTube content creator, or simply a YouTuber, you have to build your own channel first. Once you have done that, you should aim to make fun, educational, or useful videos to gain subscribers. With more subscribers, you may reach a larger audience. Thus, keep your primary goal when generating video content. Creating a network of people who share the same interests as you should be your top priority.  

Now that you know what you want to accomplish, you can begin by simply sharing a video on YouTube with your friends. The first thing you need to do is to upload it. Following these simple steps will help you achieve this goal. 

How to Upload a Video to YouTube? 

Sign In to Your Google Account 

It is important to make sure that you are signed in to the right account, especially if you have several of them. When you click the profile icon placed on the top right of the YouTube page, it will show you the email address. You can use it to check your account. So, if you are signed in to the right account, start with uploading. 

Upload Your Video Using Youtube’s Interface 

The next step would be to click the camera icon placed in the top right corner and click the “upload video” option. At the moment, there are certain changes YouTube is implementing. They are introducing a new way to upload videos. So, if you get a notification saying “Go to upload video,” you should click on it. If not, it means the new interface is already in use. 

When a pop-up window appears, select your video file, or drag and drop the video into it. Once you have done that, the uploading process will start. Depending on the speed of your internet and the size of the file you are uploading, the process will take from a few seconds to a few hours. This is something you can’t change or affect. 

Additional Tips 

While your video is being uploaded, you should add a title and a description. This is a great opportunity to enter the keywords that you want people to search for. There is also an opportunity to add a thumbnail. You can upload a custom thumbnail or choose the one that YouTube will generate from your video. 

There are many other options to explore in the pop-up. You can add the video to a playlist to make it easier for the viewers to navigate your YouTube channel. It is also necessary to indicate the age restriction, that is, whether the video is suitable for young viewers or not. So, select which age group it is suitable for. 

Before your video finishes uploading, you should choose the visibility of your content among one of the four possible options:

  • Public.
    This means that your video will go live immediately. If you want, you can also premiere your video. The countdown will begin, and your viewers will be able to communicate with each other as they watch.
  • Unlisted.
    In this case, the video is live but only those who have the link can see it. It won’t be in the search results.
  • Private.
    This option allows only you and the people you have selected can view this video.
  • Schedule.
    You can choose and set the date and time when your video will go live.

Bear in mind that not everyone can watch your video with sound on. Someone can be in a noisy environment. Someone else might have forgotten their headphones or their headphones have stopped working. This is why adding closed captions to your video is a very smart thing to do. YouTube can auto-generate closed captions, but that can turn out not to be the happiest solution. 

Fortunately, there are different captioning vendors for YouTube. If you want accurate and professionally written closed captions that are meaningful and will not embarrass you in front of your audience, you may want to use the service of GoTranscript. Their professional transcriptionists will provide you with the most accurate captions that you can encode into your video. 

Instructions for Those Uploading Their Videos From Their Smartphones 

Open the YouTube app and check the Google account you are logged into. The profile icon is placed in the top right corner of the page. Next, click on the camera icon. That will take you to a screen with two big buttons—”record” and “go live.” You can see all your videos beneath. 

Select the file you wish to upload. If you click on the musical note icon in the upper left corner, you will be able to add music. You can add a video filter, too, by clicking the wand. For the trimming option, move the sliders (left or right) under the video. 

Underneath all of this, there are options for you to add a title, description, and location, as well as control the video’s visibility. Then, you can click next and your video will start uploading and you will be taken to the video manager of your YouTube channel. 

The Bottom Line 

Uploading a video to YouTube can be beneficial in many different ways. It can provide you with international recognition due to its worldwide use, not only the local one. It can offer you new business opportunities. For example, marketers and vendors can offer to cooperate with you. They can use your channel for the ads that promote their services or products. 

Furthermore, being able to reach and influence people from other cultures and backgrounds is another benefit of making your video available to others. And on top of that, your message will be able to elicit a wave of positive emotions and awareness in the hearts of those who hear it. 

Another important thing is not to forget to add captions and subtitles so that your videos are easily researched and understood by the international audience. GoTranscript can provide you with those as well. They specialize in human transcription and translation into more than 50 different languages.