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Human Translators Can Write a Better Website Text

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Posted in Zoom Jul 3 · 3 Jul, 2022
Human Translators Can Write a Better Website Text

Rarely would one find a website of a business not present in foreign markets or where the domestic market is monolingual? Naturally, the more prospective clients have convenient access to the offered value, the more inclined they will be to make some use of it.

Why miss this chance to catch a bigger market? 

However, good results require good execution. The best ideas for business development might be massive flops if the website text is clumsy, awkward, or even have some cringe translation or context mistakes. That destroys any trust between the product and its provider. 

So what are the options for website translation? What advantages and disadvantages do these options have?

1. Automated translation 

Cost-efficient? Yes. Quick? No doubts. Good quality? Only if you are lucky. 

You can even find it for free. Paste the text to online translators, and one will receive the translation immediately. It's instant! But, is there free lunch? 

Unfortunately, AI cannot read the context and cannot identify the actual meaning behind the words. Therefore, one can expect some random words used in the translation that send the text's whole meaning to a crash course. Wrong text can make some good laughs but never good business.

The Internet always remembers and will notice a lousy translation anytime: once it's on the radar, there's no way to get rid of this reputational damage. 

Why should a prospective client take a business seriously if the business itself does not take itself seriously?  

2. Human translations

In some cases, automated translation might be the right choice. For the most part, however, human translation has no substitute. 

Good translation takes longer to deliver, but the result stays there forever. Top-quality using the right words, understanding of the domain and cultural contexts, and multiple layers of editorial quality assurance make good human translation a perfect choice for any website. 

Perfect translation has all the quality benefits and a fast delivery time. Using Gotranscipt's services takes no time, and one needs a translation to receive it at the right time. Years-long experience and a strong focus on actual clients' needs pay dividends for the quality service provision and client's value. 

3. Human translation might make it even better: SEO

Having the perfect translation is a brilliant start. However, some other opportunities for business websites might be worthwhile to seize. 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective strategies to generate traffic to your website. A professional translator team can be aware of the purpose of the translated text and use words that would enhance the text by enriching content with phrases that people typically use when looking for related information.

Let humans use the right keywords and have GoTranscript help you with the best translation you ever had.