Global World Means More Accents (2): Legal and Law
9 February 2021

Global World Means More Accents (2): Legal and Law

2020 was busy for both legal offices and law enforcement. To a large extent, the dynamics are here to stay for 2021 as well. 

Legal teams had plenty of work and had to work from home and establish virtual offices. Some firms report that the shift to virtual offices has increased efficiency and save costs. The staff has saved some money by spending less on gasoline, daycare, business lunch, etc. 

Why not have further savings and outsource some services, which anyways doesn’t feel in-house anymore? For example, Go Transcript offers legal transcriptions. We provide the services with skill and dedication, especially in court hearings, where sound may not be the best, or the speakers may have thick accents that are hard to comprehend and transcribe correctly. 

And yet again, the accents! Global societies have so many international professionals and legal occasions that people of various accents take part in. Besides courts, law enforcement is even more likely to question or receive witnesses from a diverse audience of people and accurately process what has been said. 

After all, clear and precise documentation from legal and law enforcement actions contributes to a just and fair society. Don’t let the justice slip through the cracks in the understanding of diverse accents. 

At Go Transcript, we handle these legal transcription challenges cost-efficiently and accurately as our legal transcriptions are human-made, who have professional and cultural backgrounds to do their job just right.