Making Podcasts Multilingual
28 February 2021

Making Podcasts Multilingual

Now that podcasts are mainstream, they are entering many international communities! Some brilliant content is being made in many languages. Often, this becomes a barrier to have a larger audience or more significant impact among the individuals who cannot access the content as they know some other languages. 

For may lead to quite some potential, if one translates the podcast, to reach new international or broader local multicultural markets. 

72% of people spend most or all of their time on websites in their language. Roughly the same proportion of individuals are willing to buy products with information in their language. 

Whatever you make a podcast, it will be the most appreciated if delivered in the native languages of the listeners. However, it does not only go to a simple translation to some foreign languages. A right interpretation is needed to tailor the content to a new culture. Some excellent interpreters can do this we at Go Transcript collaborate with! 

Check our translation service. We offer fantastic prices and wide coverage of main global languages. For example, we can translate your podcast into English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and so on! 

Make your podcast fitting to diverse cultures and being acclaimed internationally!