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Many Reasons Videos Need Subtitles (Part 1)

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom Jul 21 · 24 Jul, 2022
Many Reasons Videos Need Subtitles (Part 1)

Videos have a great history. It all started as black and white dynamic pictures with no sounds. Over time it got more sophisticated on multiple levels: it gained colors, and the colors got richer and richer; resolution got better and better; it received sound, and it is constantly improving. Videography seems to be at the pinnacle of its technological prowess. Yet, for accessibility or convenience purposes, less is sometimes more. Therefore, stripping some video advancements off and changing them with subtitles brings us lots of benefits we cannot even imagine our lives without. 

In this two-part blog entry, we are to explore some of the reasons why videos need subtitles in 2022. Very likely, these reasons are here to stay for the years ahead. Therefore, any company, organization, or individual creator should seriously consider using video subtitles. This especially stands true if these videos are published on social media and are likely to be seen by many audiences.

1. Accessibility 

The US is a nation of around 330 million people. Approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss that a substantial share of people who, to a varying degree, is likely not to enjoy the audio track of videos. Some of them can access the audio track via hearing aids, yet, according to statistics, only 1 in 5 people uses the aids. 

It is a large audience to miss out. Many companies and public organizations should focus on inclusive action by covering the needs and convenience of individuals with hearing impairment. Video subtitles may do a very significant part of this job.

2. Convenience

It is not unusual to get carried away in social media and start scrolling by losing track of time. This might happen on a comfortable couch at home, in class, or in other public places. In many instances, the sound is likely to be turned off. In such instances, subtitles help us to enjoy the videos that steal and fixate our attention. 

Subtitles help convey the message quickly and bring us the benefit and convenience we looked for. That works miracles! 

For example, during an online class or meeting, one can still afford to watch a subtitled video and at least pretend to be engaged (in this case, hopefully in a useless) meeting. 

That brings us to the other benefit of video subtitles regarding their benefits in social media engagement and SEO. But before reading part 2, please check GoTranscript transcription services that will bring some ultimate success for whatever you are up to.