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Many Reasons Videos Need Subtitles (Part 2)

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Jul 24 · 24 Jul, 2022
Many Reasons Videos Need Subtitles (Part 2)

In the first part, we discussed how video has advanced over many decades. However, once it becomes a part of other media, it faces various transformations and requirements. Sometimes it requires the video format to lean back to its basics: lose the audio track and rely on another means of conveying the message or emotion. 

In the case of this blog series, it is the subtitles. 

Subtitles work miracles in social media, Youtube, news portals, and other similar environments. Therefore, it is natural that the following reason why videos need subtitles is better performance on social media. 

If you want to check the previously listed reasons why videos need subtitles, please check part 1 of this blog series. 

3. Social media performance.

Various publishers observe that about 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Sometimes users prefer it. Sometimes, it is dictated by the autoplay function that usually has the sound off by default. Remember #2 reasons for convenience when people get carried away while scrolling aimlessly? This is exactly it. 

On top of that, subtitles help the viewers stick to their screens. Videos with subtitles help strengthen the video engagement as it is more effective in grasping the viewer's attention; this naturally helps the content to stand out in a content-saturated environment where every mile of extra effort counts and adds up for the ultimate success of any effort and business success. 

4. SEO

Referring to social media performance, the more people dwell on your content, the more people will be offered to watch it. Subtitles help them to dwell on it, and subtitles and captions help increase video views by 80%. 

The bigger the dwell time is, the greater the social media reach is, the better the SEO becomes. Adding subtitles to videos is a significant piece of the compound effect of making social media strategy work. 

5. Watching experience

All in all, we do our work and effort to satisfy the end-user. We craft the information delivery, the message, and the form of the delivery to cater to our audience's tastes and needs to engage them and put our brands or ideas on top of their minds. 

People appreciate hassle-free, convenient experiences. This mission to satisfy their needs is at the core of a win-win approach to make us and them successful. Therefore, adding captions to videos goes beyond boosting engagement and making our communication strategy performance look better. It improves the user's or the audience's viewing experience. 

Captions help the viewers to retain the information. If we provide relevant information in a form that is easier to memorize, definitely the audience will remember who helped them to learn it. Whether native English speakers or those who have learned the language later in their lives, subtitles put us all on the same page and bring in universal convenience.  

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