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New GoTranscript’s Website, for Your Better Experience

Andrew Russo
Andrew Russo
Posted in Zoom Apr 6 · 6 Apr, 2022
New GoTranscript’s Website, for Your Better Experience

We are introducing our new web design for the GoTranscript website. Although 50% of website visitors will first see the new design, we want to tell you more about what made us present you with this update and the changes we are so proud of. 

Why this new web design? 

Although many of you have found our previous design familiar and easy to use, we gathered some feedback on what can be done even better over time. Therefore, we assembled an experienced team of UI and UX designers and started to build the website to increase the convenience of GoTranscript services further and refresh the visual look and feel of our company’s digital facade. 

What does GoTranscript want to deliver with this new design? 

We had three main objectives in working on this new design: 

- easier use of our services

- easier to find information on our services and what benefits they offer

- favourable visual aesthetics 

We believe these objectives will lead you to a better experience with GoTranscript for regular users. And that it will catch the attention of new clients looking for an excellent value for very high accuracy human-driven transcription, captioning, and translation services in any industry domain or personal project. 

Will Users like it? 

Absolutely. We did some testing with the designer team and real-world users. We received very positive feedback, and we do not doubt that the new design will serve our website visitors and our project delivery teams that are already making our clients highly satisfied with our transcription and other services!