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Best Real-Time Language Translator, Uses, and Benefits (& Human Translations) 2024

Matthew Patel
Matthew Patel
Posted in Zoom Sep 6 · 7 Sep, 2022
Best Real-Time Language Translator, Uses, and Benefits (& Human Translations) 2024

Are you someone interested in learning a different language? Or maybe you travel a lot overseas for work and need a language translator to help translate from the source language to your target language. Say you’re French and you want to translate in English.

Now, you can carry a mobile language translator everywhere you go.   This is made possible by artificial intelligence, which plays a major role in helping us translate to a myriad of languages.

Actually, language translation has been around for many years, but it wasn’t as polished as what we have today. 

Thanks to technological advancement, language translation has been made better and simpler especially for nonnative speakers looking to translate from one language to another.

Mobile Language Translator: Real-Time Translation

Instant translation is one of the most innovative inventions of humans. It makes translation between a lot of languages fast and easy, changing how we communicate with one another.

Real-time translation allows anyone to translate and understand the meaning of words, phrases, or even long paragraphs instantly.

Now, neural machine translation has also been introduced and put into use, allowing two people to talk to each other in different languages with slight accuracy issues.  

To give you a little preview, old translation technologies used transcribing speech into text, using traditional text translation in order to translate source language speech into one’s target language.

It’s a good thing that automatic language translators are now improved and can deliver accurate results, transforming the outdated process of transcribing the original speech in order to give a precise voice translation.

A modern real-time language translator is designed with NLP, allowing translating speech faster and more accurately compared to the technologies used in the past.

These real-time translators can work swiftly regarding identifying the original language once it has analyzed unique waveforms from a sentence, let’s say. 

They can parse the meaning of the words or phrases based on what the speaker means, and then instantly translate into the target language.

An automatic and real-time language translator makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and then begins with pattern matching software that works to identify the sounds from languages.

These neural networks will then use this information to interpret the conversation and comprehend the meaning of the text in the conversation’s context.

But that’s not all these real-time translators do because they continue learning and developing. 

They continuously analyze different documents in different languages, giving us more precise results. They also keep improving their ability to recognize a human’s speech pattern, reducing the mistakes that old programs used to deliver.

Although not 100% accurate, these real-time translators prove useful to people who want to learn different languages and translate faster using their mobile phone or device. 

However, we can still expect some noticeable lag because such technologies rely on cloud data.  So while not fully accurate, they’re valuable when it comes to facilitating instant communication.  And again, such translation technologies keep improving, so users can expect better translation results.

Best Real-Time Language Translators

The following are real-time and easy to use language translators for every traveler and kind of user looking to translate  a language from the source language into the target language without any hassles. 

Major and international tech companies are taking the lead in this space. Let’s take a look at the top real-time language translator tools on the market now.

Amazon Translate

It’s a neural machine translation service that uses deep learning models. The high-quality translator offers automatic translation, which is more natural sounding and accurate when compared to any rule-based translators.

Users can localize content in real-time and without any hassles. Content types include but are not limited to apps and websites. It allows localization for the diverse audience and translates large amounts of text ready for analysis. This solution also allows cross-lingual communication between users.

This language translator also helps brands to understand what the people are saying about their service, brand, or product through monitoring conversations in multiple languages.

It also helps developers by providing automatic translation to users. It enables cross-lingual communications for the app. Without even saying, users can rely on the real-time language translator in the app’s chat, helpdesk, ticketing apps, and email for easier communication.


The giant tech company launched Pixel Buds. They are wireless earphones that instant language translation, supporting multiple languages around the globe. This can be particularly useful especially for travelers that need help in translating text and conversation. It features the ability of translating conversation between two people.

Google has also started adding this feature to its other products, like Google Assistant Devices, as well as tablets and android phones.  For its smart home devices, it has also introduced the Interpreter Mode to assist users with instant translations.

Google Assistant also instantly translates words to keep a real-time conversation with someone on the other end. 

Its interpreter mode can also support up to 44 languages, such as Russian, Thai, and Japanese. This mode is also easily accessible on the Google Home speakers, particular smart clocks, and other smart speakers with a Google Assistant.

The language translator by this tech company is a valuable tool to translate to different languages either through voice or text. 

All that a user needs to do is to write, speak, or type into the user interface. And not to forget, users can also point their phones at a menu or sign that is written in another language and then see the live translation.

For its Google Translate, it uses the Neural Machine Translator to translate text, websites, and documents fast from the source to the target language. The solution offers a mobile app or a website interface, available both for iOS and android.

Now it can support 133 languages, as of June 2022 and has a user base reaching more than 500 million total users. This language translator claims to be translating 100 billion words daily.


It’s time to break the language barrier and experience communication ease using Microsoft’s Translator app, which allows translated conversations across different devices, either for larger group interactions or one-on-one chats.

This language translator is free and supports more than 70 languages, allowing users to translate voice, texts, camera photos, screenshots, and conversations instantly. Users can also download languages, made available for offline translation, especially useful for traveling.

It features text translation and camera translation as well. Users can also rely on this app for voice translation to translate speech and offer a split-screen mode for two speakers who are speaking in different languages.

Another good feature is that it allows sharing translations with other apps as well and has the ability of translating websites on Safari with the browser extension. It can also aid in translation presentations and conversations in Skype and Microsoft products.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is one of the tech companies taking the lead in translation and has been relied on by multinational companies for their translation requirements.


Apple is another leading tech company that offers a real-time language translator for its users worldwide, expanding its personal assistant SIRI to provide instant translation even while offline. It is compatible with 11 different languages, including French, mainland Chinese, and Russian.

SIRI, which was the first voice-activated virtual assistant, is now with more features to catch up to Google Assistant. It can now work on translations using the Neural Engine of the company. And again, it can also work offline.

When users are trying to talk to someone with a different language, they can use the language translator on their mobile device during a back-and-forth conversation.


During its ZOOMTOPIA event last year, Zoom announced that it will offer real-time translation this year.  This feature is from KITES, the German startup that the company bought in June 2021.

It claimed that it will support 12 languages, although they were not yet revealed during the event. But then, both Korean and Portuguese were featured during the demo. Zoom has not revealed whether it will charge for real-time translation.

Zoom also revealed that it will expand its automated transcription to 30 languages aside from English. Once the feature is activated, it can also provide a closed captioning service, which is helpful for the hard of hearing users.

Who Uses Real-Time Language Translator Or Translation Company?

We’re all a part of a global community and so we can access information regardless of the language we speak. Thanks to technologies that a language translator can be in our hands.

In addition to individual users, industries also benefit from using translation.  Today, they can take advantage of translation that allows them to communicate with people from around the world. It allows them to break language barriers. Regardless of their industry, companies can benefit from a translation service.

Tech industry

In the past years, tech companies have seen a massive growth, with about 70 percent of the revenues from it coming from outside the United States. Companies from any country, with translation, can interact and reach an audience in different languages.

As tech companies do not only do business within their borders, using a language translator, whether in the form of an app/website interface or human translators help them communicate with potential clients, partners, and customers from different countries.

Tech companies developing international projects can also rely on real-time translation to communicate their goals with partners and investors, for instance, through meetings, which language used can be translated in real-time.

Language translation tools and solutions can also aid them in translating all types of content that also include marketing materials, software, and technical documents, which they need to be translated instantly with the use of real-time language translators.


Instructors and students can now communicate in different languages instantly, allowing for real-time learning.  Real-time translators also allow for the easier and simpler understanding of lesson materials, training materials, and other relevant educational content.

Using a real-time language translator, learners can also keep up with their lessons, which are taught in another language other than their native language.

Translation has been a primary element in the global learning and training industry, which creates and maintains a massive network composed of industry specialists, including in the fields of research, training, education, and science.

Professionals use translation to share their knowledge to others easier to other people, and that’s thanks to language translation that breaks communication barriers among people from different countries.

Language translation helps spread knowledge around the world in different languages. 

Not only real-time translators, but also translation services can help in translating e-courses, textbooks, admission forms, exams, school records, and other educational materials.

Language professionals, who are experts in translation, can also help in creating marketing plans, advertisements, and other marketing materials, aiding companies and organizations to reach out to a wide audience globally.

Tourism and travel

As the world reopens for tourism and travel, language translation has become more essential among travelers going to countries where the language is not their native language.  

Tourism departments in different countries also use a translation service to translate content and convince tourists and visitors to visit and tour in the country.

Particularly using a reliable translation company, misunderstandings, incorrect translation, and communication mistakes can be avoided using accurate translations.

They can use translation services to help them offer their services in multiple languages, especially when it comes to translating brochures, leaflets, legal documents, and contracts.

Banking and finance

Apart from the industries mentioned, the industry of banking and finance is another sector that can benefit from using a real-time language translator or a translation service.

Especially those that want to reach international success, they need to fit in with the culture of the local market. Translators can help them localize marketing materials, offers, and content.

Organizations that need accurate translation can communicate with their international clients and partners through translations. They can rely on a language translator to help optimize their content for foreign countries.

Other than banks, financial institutions, such as securities exchanges and insurance companies can communicate their message to their target market easily using translation.

Arts and entertainment

Film, music, and the rest in the arts and entertainment industry market and distribute their products worldwide. A language translator helps brands communicate their messages and  offers to local markets globally through language service providers.

With the help of language translators, filmmakers, for example, can trust that the pros have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the cultural insights, history, and performance and how they will fit a target locale.

For a more accurate translation, however, the art and entertainment industry relies on human-generated translations.  They can ensure that content is not only translated accurately but also fitting to the target market since they can also edit content with a human touch.

Health industry

As health service providers and pharmaceutical companies need to market and adapt to global audiences, medical translation has become an integral part of the industry.

Patients need access and the right to receive correct information and instructions from their healthcare providers in their language.

So in order to maintain high quality standards, translators are needed by expats and travelers seeking treatment abroad. 

They can use real-time translators, such as Google Translate, to translate road signs and other stuff written in the language of the country where they are traveling for treatment.

But when it comes to accurate translation of medical and technical documents, a human-generated translation is the better choice.

Professional translators can translate medical records, research documents, prescription information, and manuals, allowing pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to offer world-class services. 

And as people’s lives can be put at risk with incorrect translation, human-generated translation may be the solution that organizations should use for sensitive medical content.

Final Thoughts

Real-time translation is one of the best innovations that technology offers us. It allows for quicker and better communication and it breaks language barriers that would otherwise limit sharing of knowledge and understanding of information.

Real-time language translators, such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google, are leading the way for instant translations.  But while they may be helpful in certain cases, such as everyday conversations, sensitive content translation, such as medical and legal content is best left to human translators for ensured accuracy and risk reduction/prevention. Translation Services

There are a lot of translation companies out there, but nothing can compare to high-quality and affordable services of Go Transcript with over 17,000 translators worldwide. They are native translators, ensuring content quality and precision.

We also offer human-quality translation outputs at an affordable price. While it may be a bit higher when compared to a freelance translator, our services are guaranteed accurate through our stringent quality checking and editing policies and standards. 

Our human translators also have industry expertise, making us your dependable choice for field specific translations, including legal and medical. Order today!