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Saving Money for our Clients and Educating People Worldwide

Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang
Posted in Zoom Nov 10 · 13 Nov, 2021
Saving Money for our Clients and Educating People Worldwide

The world is global. And it's excellent! We now can do and achieve so much more with less effort, all thanks to technology that enhances communication and the spread of information. However, effective ways require some input and professionalism nonetheless. 

For example, whether it's marketing for a service that can be delivered globally or some worldwide awareness campaign, we can now launch a single action and translate it to various languages, even if it is audiovisual content! That is a positive twist on one size fits all solutions. 

But there's a catch. One size fits all solution needs some good tailoring, and we are about to share how we deliver it at GoTranscript. 

One of our stories about how we did that is our cooperation with the International Social Security Agency (ISSA), an international organization bringing together national social security administrations and agencies. The organization continuously releases great content on sharing the best practices and other sources that benefit the members and community members. However, making some great videos, translating, and dubbing them cost a lot of funds and effort. But at GoTranscript, we had a solution. 

First, it is a cost-saving approach to film a single video for a global audience with its original audio track instead of multiple videos for various cultures and countries. Second, to reduce effort and maximize quality, it's best to rely on top professionals for translation and caption provision. That's where we came in. 

And this diligent approach is crucial for such organizations as ISSA that are working on a global level. Language barriers might be a massive challenge; therefore, quality and delivery should be flawless and most suitable. 

Quality-wise we have assigned the translations for the native speakers for maximum accuracy and clarity of the text. Having this task fallen to the right hands that have yielded great results, we were off to the next step making the delivery the most appropriate. 

For good universal understanding, we subtitled or captioned the content as needed. That maximizes the scope of the audience and eradicates most of the language or understanding barriers due to a variety of accents or hearing impairments. 

In the end, the ISSA saved quite a bit of money as captioning is more cost-efficient than voiceovers and received some top translation to spread awareness in their field of action. 

We are more than happy in helping to make a difference on a global scale.